So here's the not so skinny on my not so called life.

So things are kinda up in the air around here lately. 

We had the kids this past weekend.

That is always entertaining to say the least.

I had a job interview which I am about to rescheduel due to certain people not wanting to cooperate with me.

I'll be going to Iowa in May for a few days. Iowa is as close to home as I get. It's for my great grandmother's memorial service.

I love Grape Koolaid.

This is all kindsa randoms.

I ate hot sauce on my chicken last night for the first time.

Wii Sports is addicitive.

I'm starting school in the fall.

I'll post more later lol...






I want to go for Computer Information Technology with a specialization in Media....But who knows...


~~I B CUTE! Don't argue with me I know I'm cute!~~

ibcute81 wrote:
I'm starting school in the fall.

good for you ibcute! it is never too late to get or further an education. what will you be studying - - or specializing in if you are attending a votech school?


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