So there I stood.... and I waited...

The only way I think I can describe it, is that my life is both falling apart and coming together, and I'm stuck right between those two...

Okay, with school, I'm getting overloaded... I'm picking up slack from group projects (mainly my English final exam group project) from students dropping... and I'm getting the raw end of it... I'm having paper on top of paper assigned, and project on top of project... slowly I'm going insane...

Furthermore, I'm moving from this apartment... it's gotten to the point where I can't pay for it and I have to move out... stress galore.....

I'm trying to figure out my next step with school... stay where I'm at, or go ahead and transfer to a University. I'd have started there, but I never did my SATs or ACTs... and now I've got a few choices, but one school doesn't have the major I want... my next choice is over $30,000 a year for school expenses (and here I can't even afford my apartment lol) and then my neeext choice, err, last choice.... well.... I guess that's now my only choice lol... greaaat... but I don't even know if I want to transfer yet...... and I need to make up my mind soon

My taxes situation... so friggin complicated I don't even want to think about.... my brain is turning into gooooooo

My family is pestering me even further about all the things mentioned above, just making the stress worse... I'm leaving out something INCREDIBLY stressful, because I'm not sure about it yet... we'll see... but it's on my mind, making things worse.

Now at the same time, I've got my mother offering me a place as soon as she finds one.... and Boyfriend is looking at a house for us (he's currently in the field so until he gets back nothing can really be discussed... we've seen the place and talked to the people, so he's pretty confident though).... so I'm kind of stuck in the middle waiting to see what happens before I can really figure anything out on that.... and worse, my mother is depending on that decision to make her OWN decision as to where she's going to move......

all my assignments for school keep getting moved around.... sometimes being a good thing, sometimes being a bad thing...... and it's a pain to keep up with... my pen didn't come with an eraser.

And on another note, I'm about to be qualified for a butt load of grants I wasn't eligible for before... so maybe things are looking up.... buttttttttttttt

to get those, I have to figure out the tax situation lol........

My world is going in circles.... where how it will all come together, depends on how it's falling apart... and evidently, it hasn't figured out which way it wants to go yet... so I'm just stuck


waiting sucks....

This is an awkward situation... I'm in this choppy blurry fuzzy standing point.... I can't put it together until it's completely fallen apart.... yet, it's not really doing anything at the moment............

So I blog to pass the time...

And now I have Candyman stuck in my head.....

and a paper due tomorrow... no timeeeee.... guess I'll get started on that

Oh, and the Cappuccino Cream was fabulous... I'll post the recipe (as I said I would) at a later time... maybe this weekend if I get a chance.

Speaking of which, for those who tuned in on Saturday night to CNN or Fox News waiting to see my apartment on fire... sorry, dinner got delayed till Sunday... and besides me using about 5 times the dishes it should have taken, and making a huge mess, no fire.... thankfully.... maybe next time though.

alright, time go get moving on that paper... check in latersss





 I'm with Terry on the mom radar.  The number 9 told me my assumption was correct.  Scratch that one off the list. 

I replied back to you this morning.

Also wanted to say that lists help me a lot too.  Crossing things off makes you feel that you are getting somewhere and it will lift each burden from your shoulders as it is marked off. 


If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

I kind of had my "mom" radar on when you said something about it originally. Glad that's not on your list of things to do anymore. Good to remind yourself that it WILL all work out.

^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^
do not meddle
in the affairs of dragons
for you are crunchy
and taste good with ketchup

^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^

Lol... that thing in the back of my mind would only be able to be put on hold for 9 months at the most..... but, thankfully, I've recently learned it's nothing so that's a huge relief... one less thing to worry about. 

As for everything else... I'm just making sure I breathe deeply and feel my feet on the ground... I know it will eventually all work out. 


Blonde is a state of mind... or lack thereof...

Perhaps a list of priorites would help. Knowing that one thing cannot be done before another might take some of the pressure off. Letting Lynn take a look at your taxes may help more than you know. Also, if whatever it is that is in the back of your mind is something that can wait because it will probably work itself out, or come to fruition in the end, maybe you can let it sit for a while. And, I always say, worrying doesn't change how it pans out, so you may as well not give it so much power over you. Try to take one issue at a time. Let people help figure things out with you. And hold onto the information you got from the last time things seemed overwhelming. You made it through and life moved forward. That's priceless information. That's one thing I know for sure!

^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^
do not meddle
in the affairs of dragons
for you are crunchy
and taste good with ketchup

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Email me with all specifics on taxes if you wish.  Let's see what I can do to help alleviate some of this and in return you can fill me in on the grants.  Trade for Trade, I'd say.  I have to go pick up grandchild, but will be back later.

If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

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