So very proud to be a quitter

*Update* on my blog from April....I vowed to quit smoking:


It has been a long and tough road. I have gone back and forth. I have tried patches, and gum, and pills. But, do you know what really got to me?

 The thought of my oldest daughter only being a year younger than my age when I first started smoking. How in the heck was I going to sit her down at 12 and tell her why she shouldn't smoke, the risks, the whole *no child of mine will smoke* speech if I am still smoking?

I am very proud to say that I have been 62 days with out a cigarette. It has been very very tough. Especially the bad days when I am stressed and I want to go outside and relax into my cloud of non-reality for the 5 minutes it would take me to have a cigarette. I have learned for me it was the excuse of a cigarette to give me a break here and there and not necessarily the cigarette. Now, when the pressures rise I turn up the music and mommy slips away to the backyard for 5... amazingly when I return my house is not on fire and my kid still have 10 fingers and 10 toes..


I am proud of myself and wanted to share that it was not easy... I appreciate all the support from friends here... and now, I am very proud to be a....




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I'm so very happy and proud of you! I don't know first-hand what it's like to quit, but my husband is a smoker and he's an off-again/on-again smoker. I truly hope you'll have a smoke-free life! Cheers to ya!

all you dang quitters! no one's in it for the long haul anymore...

just kidding...

more power to you guys. i have not found the desire to quit yet...maybe when i start getting wrinkly...HAHA 

im glad to hear youve quit, i wish i could, i just dont have the will power sadly, :( and what sucks worse, is that i have bronchitis, and it already takes me to the ground if i run 2 long, i need to quit,

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Being a multi-time quitter, I can relate.  Smoker since age 16, quit the first time at age 30.  Green, I quit 3 times.  I was completely off, and for reasons I can't fathom I started back... well, the last time I quit and re-started, I thought I could take a hit in the afternoon as a "reward".  That single hit quickly turned back into a pack-a-day.

Don't look at this as failure.  Each time I quit and started back, I learned something more about myself.  So, look at it this way - you learned more about what works for you and just as importantly, you learned what didn't work and what not to do next time.  You'll take that knowledge with you next time and it will make you stronger.

I know you will quit again when you are ready.  And next time, it will stick.

Nicotine is a powerfully addictive drug and so that why it is so hard to quit. It kind of makes you wonder how its even legal. I'm sorry you weren't able to stick with it. One day you'll be ready and you will succeed. 

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Time to confess to all my GuG friends.. I am a smoker again .. ugh there I said it....I confess.. I started smoking again. I really wish I knew why I can't stay off nicotine.. I mean there are people out there who have kicked hard core drugs and alcoholism for 20 + years or more and I can't last a few months off these dirty nasty stupidly expensive things .. But, I do feel better putting the update out here that I choked on my quitting.. well, hell I quit quitting ... fine, I will say my 10 hail Mary's for not fessing up months ago..BUT, I do promise to let you know when I decide to quit again maybe a few of us GuG smokers can quit together and post daily our progress.. an accountability pact or something like that.. just a thought ..Time to go bury my head in the sand and paint loser all over my windows for the neighbors to enjoy

I had the right to remain silent... but I didn't have the ability.

just checking in on you quitter!!!

how about an update for all of your supporters?

still kicking it? 


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This time i went 4 days without a cig, but gave in tonight. (a few weeks ago, i made it 3 days)  But, every little bit does help! It is funny, a cig can make me dizzy when i go a few days without one, lol.

I'm so happy for you!! I quit cold turkey over 35 years ago because I was scared and angry over health issues caused by my addiction to tobacco. I kept promising I'd quit "after I finish this pack" and when I finished a pack I'd "go zombie" and march back to the store for another pack. The final cutoff came in the middle of a pack, I snuffed out a half smoked cigarette, crushed the pack and its contents, destroyed my cigars, busted all of my pipes and dumped an almost full can of pipe tobacco down the toilet! That was the strongest statement I could imagine and a tough withdrawal. I don't deserve any attaboys because the whole episode was truly a stupid and unfortunate thing to experience. If I had not started that nonsence in the first place I'd have been much healthier. If you smoke you can't be healthy.

I made it three days, but gave in late last night. But, hey its a good start for me :)


I know how hard it can be to quit I have attempted to many of times but to no avail, I have been smoking a pack a day for 7 years and am still trying to quit.  

Congrats... can you maybe talk to my mother and make her quit?... and my gramma too...


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 All I can say is FANTASTIC and WONDERFUL!!!!!!  Sorry, did a little shouting there.




If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

I don't know if the cancer she has now is "better off" from not smoking BUT if she had surgery for it then she IS better off. Smoking cuts off the oxygen  supply to the body. With the decreased oxygen you don't heal right. The difference between how quickly a smoker and non-smoker heal is something you can compare easily. Good luck to you Pat on trying to quit.

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Great job. Its very hard to quit things you are addicted too. I am a recovering alcoholic and drug addict and I know what addiction is all about. No matter if its food , cigs , alki or drugs it is still an addiciton. It is still something you hate but cant say no to. It takes a lot of guts and discipline to do what you just did. Now with any part of recovery there is usually a relapse if this happens dont get oevrly discouraged and remember it happens to most. Just stop again and say I just had a slip up and now I will be A ok from this point on! Again Congrats and good job

That's so awesome Green!!!  Keep it up and when you feel the need for a cig, we'll be here to help you out!


Some people are like slinkies. Not really good for anything, but they bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs.

I really want to quit. My mother quit cold turkey about 15 years ago and that inspires me. I always wonder if the cancer she has (not related to smoking) is much better off due to the fact that she hasn't smoked in 15 years. But, it is one of those questions that I never seem to ask for some reason.

Yes, I agree--prayer helps. She said that it is a daily battle with cigarettes even after all these years. 

I'm on day one.... Just went looking all over the house for a cig.... Didn't find one... I guess I'm really out..

Wish the people I deal with on a daily basis a whole bunch of luck! Prayers may also help their cause... :)

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yay!!!!!!!!!!!!  im so proud of you green! that is so awesome & courageous :) 


That is awesome!! I quit smoking cold turkey last year and lasted 6 months and then some stressful situations in my life happened and I picked it back up. I regret it everyday that I was not stronger I am hoping that I can be strong again and quit forever. Not only is it bad for your health, but it is too damn expensive. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Be proud to call yourself a quitter.


I was standing in the park, wondering why frisbees got bigger as they got closer. Then it hit me.

Quitting is bad but in these circumstances, an exception can be made :)

Wonderful!! I am trying to quit cigarettes, the hardest thing ever. Good job.

That's awesome!!!! Quitting is the best thing you can do. Children look up to us and your daughter won't have any excuses with a good role model. A woman I work with quit cold turkey a few months ago and she's doing great. You will too. 

"I'm just like you only shorter."


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