Someone Needs a Nap

I'm sooo sleepy right now... and achy... anyway...

Okay, so everyone remember the blog about my cousin getting shot on the 4th of July? Well a little over a week ago he went back into the hospital for hemorrhaging... it would stop, and start, and stop, and start... anyway, about 3 days after he went into the hospital, he went into surgery... where the bleeding started again... he lost blood faster than they could pump it into him, and he ended up passing away on the 31st...

The memorial was held on Friday... was good I would say. Lots of entertaining stories... Oh, and did I mention about 500 people were packed into a place only made for about 75? Yeah... can we say fire hazard? He had more friends than I'll have in my entire life. Here's a decent photograph someone posted on his myspace... Oh, and the majority of us wore Superman shirts to the memorial... kinda his nickname... guess he was his hero ;)


So yes... in other news, my cat is sick... we thought it wasn't serious but as of the past few days it's gotten worse... started out with a goopy eye... and yesterday I realized his eye was red... and it had started to spread to the other eye... this morning he couldn't open up one eye... and since it was spreading we took him to the vet. (another cat that he plays with had it too, so we hadn't thought too much of it, figuring it'd go away)

When we got him to the vet, he was a lot worse than we thought... both eyes were red, one of his ears was bad and the other wasn't as good as it should be... and he had a 104 degree fever... my poor baby wasn't feeling good... I knew this before, but the fact that the vet isn't scratched up and mutilated confirmed it. So we were prescribed antibiotics, eye ointment, and ear drops... he seems to be feeling a bit better after the shot... so I'm guessing the fever isn't as bad as it was. It still made me sad, but I'm glad we got him to the vet since it was worse than we had guessed.

And I ache today... I helped move my mothers boxes and furniture from one storage unit to another yesterday... she couldn't help because she waited till the very last second to pack for Vegas... how convenient... last time I checked, if I was going to be gone for a week, I wouldn't wait till 4 hours before my flight left to just think about starting to pack... pain... oh the pain.... my achy back makes me feel old.

Other than that just been getting ready for school... registering, paying, wanting to smush everyone who gets in my way... the usual.

Okay, so I'm really sleepy for some reason, so I'm going to go find something less strenuous than typing and reading and trying to make sense... I'll be back tomorrow :)





 Miss Trinity~

I think it is beautiful that so many people showed up.  That, itself, says a lot.

Hoping your kitty is getting better.

As far as smushing......yes, I know.  And how many times they have lost your information and need it again.  The joys...well, they just aren't there till your first day in class.  

If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

Sorry to hear about your cousin Animestrinity...what a horrible deal all the way around.  Hope your kitty gets well soon.  Nothing like keeping occupied w/ all your pre-schooling stuff.  Things will get better.... 

What you do in this life, will echo for eternity.

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