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Well I live in northeast Indiana about and hour and a half from the ohio state line and about 3 hours from the michigan line.  Ok enough about my demographics or whatever you call it.

When I was a kid I remember that in January we always had snow on the ground and it was never above the temperature of 40. Well this past 2 weeks has been crazy! One day its a blizzard and then two days later its 50 degrees and its thunderstorming.  Im sick of it! Im sure this isnt the only place in America that is like this. Its winter not Spring! This is evidence to show you all the damage we have done to our ecosystem. Ive only been on this earth for a mere 25 years but in that short time Ive seen some huge changes on this earth. Its absolutely terrifying to be honest. Is the sun going to frying people in a 100 years? or is it going to be in a deep freeze? I mean what the heck is going on here? Everyone says recycle and reuse and buy organic and buy low gas emisson cars and ect ect ect... But how many people can actually afford to do this? I know I cant. I would love to be able to help out the planet I live I really would and it hurts me inside to think I cant because Im not rich. Everything is so backwards! Its not right. Then celebs claim they are so eco friendly and donate large sums of money to charitys and blah blah, so they end up looking like some hero. Its not freaking OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Normal people like me who doesnt even make 30,000 a year hell even 20,000 should be able to have the choice to buy a car that doesnt spew out crap and be able to buy organic foods at low costs. I do what I can do on my budget but I have a 5 month old son and cant be spending every penny I have on eco friendly things. Its a shame that people who would love to help our planet cant because they dont have the fundsCry



Thanks for tips everyone it is greatly appreciated


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I'm poor too but here's some tips:

reuseable shopping bag instead of plastic or paper.

Recycle everything.

I keep the temperature on about 68 when I'm home and 65 when not.

I turn off light when not needed.

Drive slower it saves gas. Consolidate trips for the day. Less trips = less gas.

Eating more meals at home makes it easier to afford hippie organics. I had a half way organic dinner for three for $6 last night.

Buy locally produced food. Even organics at mega chains get shipped from BFE. More shipping means more gas.

Go vegetarian. So many resources are wasted on the production of meat from grain to fossil fuels to water. Plus, being vegetarian is just cool.

Switch light bulbs to fluorescents.  In a few years you won't have a choice.

The bus sucks but riding a bike is cool.

I live in Louisville, KY so we too are having some warm weather but our weather does this every year. It's a safe bet every year that we'll have warm weather in the winter. It's been great as I despise winter and loathe the white death (snow).  

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here is a great site from the national resources defense council on how to reduce your energy consumption at home. if we all do our part, we can win this...or give it one hell of a fight:



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 I live in Indy and I for one am enjoying global warming (68 in Jan rocks)

for your car you can..........use the cruise control whenever possible  your engine gets better gas mileage, accelerate more slowly because it helps you save gas, and when possible drive slower than the speed limit

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