Spring Break!

Coming up next week! I myself will be at South Padre Island with boyfriend... gotta stock up on the sunscreen to keep my pale skin though (I'm not one who likes tan skin)... So what are everyone's plans?!

Currently trying to avoid writing a paper on intellectual property, copyrights, plagiarism and internet file sharing... I of course download nothing but legal material *waits for lightning bolt to strike*... and believe everyone downloading illegal music, video, and program files should be prosecuted *holds breath and crosses fingers*... I don't want to write this paper.

Then again it can't be any worse than the one I totally made up last week... yeah... curious as to whether I failed that one or not... wish me luck... if she didn't check into the content, then I should have a near perfect grade... So what if I didn't want to go invade another class to 'evaluate' a professor I don't have... and so what if I completely used a professor from ratemyprofessor.com... and so what if I don't even know if this professor is still alive... it's English Composition... she should be grading me on HOW I write... not WHAT I write... correct?

Good thing I decided against majoring in English... like Hubby said, i can talk english reel good. lol

*looks around for soda*

Blah... Okay... getting sleepy... and I think I'm going to START the paper... before I run out of caffeine...

Oh... and noticed the points... got a little curious... guess I should start working on that...




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