Yes... I have the stiffles... that's Boyfriend's way of mocking my inability to say 'sniffles'... I'm wickedly sick... I only throw the wickedly in there because no medicine on Earth has made even the slightest dent in helping me... some cruel cosmic joke on Anime... The other night, I had taken Entex, Tylenol Liquid severe cold and flu, 6 little red sudafeds... and 3 seroquil... talk about being drugged up. I fell asleep for about an hour, and woke up to use the bathroom... and for the 3rd time in 3 years, fainted. Only this time (besides the nice bruise on my shoulder and butt) experienced what I found out is called tinnitus... I could hear this buzzing, but it was kinda crossed with static... and it kept getting louder... weird... it was sort of like an out of body experience... I could hear (along with the sound in my head) things going on around me, Boyfriend asking me if I was okay (he had heard a thud)... computer sounds... yet I couldn't respond... very strange... I also noticed they needed to vacuum the bathroom... well, I *was* on the floor... yeah, anyway.. If I hadn't fought so hard to attempt to get to the door and unlock it before I hit the ground (and wall on the way down... by the way, I failed at unlocking the door) I'd probably be in less pain right now... and even still, with all that medicine, I still couldn't breathe.... and believe it or not, I learned via Boyfriend, that evidently, I can get even more pale... and I do... after I faint.... I didn't think it possible.

As of today Boyfriend is getting sick too... granted he's also hung over... but I think he's getting what I have... and worse... how can he take care of me while I'm sick, if he's sick?

New pet peeve... that stupid blue tooth headset is getting even more on my nerves... now, he sits and watches tv... while talking to me on the headset... how lazy are you if you can't hold up a phone, while watching tv? AGH! Those things are much more sensitive to sound, so the TV is louder than he is in my ear... very annoying... worse if there are people around him... I don't even want to talk to him on the phone anymore... like I said, I get it when you *need* to use your hands... but this is just getting ridiculous.

Anyway... so in other news... I got my new laptop! unfortunately it's a Dell... and the speakers kinda suck... but headphones rock... my only serious problem with it, is that it gets really friggin hot.... so I have it sitting on the lid to my hamper (elevated with giant holes in it so it's got circulation) never really had that problem with my compaq... then again, this one is fully functional and I haven't downloaded a horrible virus onto it... so I guess it's got me there.

Still haven't seen a dime of my scholarship money... he told me to call next Friday... and then the Friday after that... *sigh* ... the only thing that really makes me willing to wait, is back-pay... that first check is going to send me on one hell-of-a shopping spree... I'm thinking of getting Boo an outfit... a little pimp suit or something... maybe just a hat...

Okay.... so Hubby here... well... hmm... posted this lovely little clip... I'm assuming he was unaware of my paranoia... so the meds that I'm pointlessly on that already make my heart race and my brain fried... amp up my hermit like tendencies... so yeah, I seriously started freaking the first time I saw it, until the pop up ad to send a personalized video to someone I know... I was running every old guy I ever met through my head trying to figure out who this dude was... but anyway, after I calmed down I kinda chuckled at this... so I'm putting it in my blog... think I'll have to post it on my myspace too... Yes, I WUV YOU TOO Geek and Hubby.






 I'm a lot better now... exhausted, but better.

As for Gramma, she's home now... she's still pretty bad, but she's not hospitalized at the moment.

Whatever it is I got, I think I was just susceptable because I had just been sick a few weeks ago. 


Where are my La-La's at?!

 ON a funnier note, I just clicked on the video above.  LMAO it was cool!   Yes, Anime, live.


If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

 Sorry to hear you are sick. Ugh! I agree with Jewels about the Alka-Seltzer.  And I forgot to say something about your Gramma, hoping all will be well with her.

 I really wish you would listen to me about the zinc and echinacea, you wouldn't be so ill right now.  And yes, if you aren't getting better do go see a doctor so it doesn't turn into anything worse.

 Take care.  And no more fainting girl!   *Handing Anime some tiffues for her stiffles*


If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

Wow, that sounds nifty... a lot less ghetto than my hamper lid lol...

As for being sick, those little red sudafed pills usually do the trick... I've been tripping out since all the  meds that usually work, don't now... made me think I had some mutated version of a cold or flu... you know, that cold that's going around killing people... I was like 'figures I'd get a fatal cold'... I'm feeling a little better today... at least as far as the feeling like death part... the head symptoms are still there though... coughing, sneezing, congestion, headache... I plan to give it to as many people as possible... with the exception of my gramma, since she just got out of the hospital from a bleeding blood vessel in her brain.. she's still a little rough.


Where are my La-La's at?!

Damn Anime-sorry to hear you're that freakin sick. Maybe it's time to see the doc? I've always heard people rave about the alka seltzer plus cold medicine, but haven't tried it myself as I can't stand alka seltzer-but it might be worth a shot.

As to the laptop problem. That's one I always have with my compaqs, but never had with my dell. Funny it's totally opposite for you. Anyway, I got a great gadget for it last week at walmart.

It's the rubbermaid office solutions desktop manager. Here's a photograph of it:

 It's all mesh in the center and only cost 7 bucks. Plus you can get a little insert for the side that includes a plug and 2 usb ports if you need those. I think that thing was like 12 bucks.

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