Stroke me, Stroke me!

Anyone who didn't immediately start singing Billy Squire's song "Stroke" after reading my blog title need to back up and not read any further. Why? Because I'm afraid you just won't connect with me here on this one babe.

So last evening we were blessed with the presence of Mother Nature flexing her monsoon storm muscle. And what a glorious storm she was. While our power flickered throughout the evening, we do feel lucky as the adjacent neighborhoods had none. Husband powered down all of his techy toys, and that was no easy feat for a techno collecting junkie like him, he then broke out the laptops. Well, he hand delivered me the one affectionately known as the crappy lappy, while he busted out the new mac that arrived a few days ago. So we were not without our evening surf fix. While the storm rolled in, actually a few storm cells one after the other, we just enjoyed the lightening show and fresh air that followed. Mini me stretched out on the sectional reading a Nancy Drew mystery, husband and I at the other end sitting side by side surfing the web, enjoying a smooth australian merlot. We all had our iPods on. No talking, but lots of fun nonetheless. Yes, we are the techy American Family. Then our "no first class upgrade" notice hit my inbox. Then his. Not a good sign. The flight wasn't even full when I checked it.  So, husband suggested I call blank-blank airlines and get us put on the upgrade standby list. With his flyer status, it should be automatic. So, I called and worked my stroking magic. 47 minutes later, after speaking with the most fabulously cool agent named Hal, we are both sitting pretty! Midway through our conversation I had to stop and remember who I called and what my objective was. We just hit it off talking about 2001 Space Odyssey and the computer "Hal" in that movie. We discussed the "lights over Phoenix" phenom. Aliens, the sci-fi series "V" and everything in between. I was like chatting withe one of my female friends, sans the drama!

So, I pays to be nice to people! Karma. I love her! 


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