Thanks to all

To all my new friends, and the friends as of yet known:)  Just a quick little note to say Happy 4th and thanks to all for everything.  Most especially thanks to all for your kindnesses to a stranger who came into your world with an agenda and absolutely no knowledge.  

Most of you will never know the effect that your kindness has had on me...On how your simple notes of get well, feel better or your offers to help when you figured out I REALLY didn't know what the heck I was doing has meant to me.  I am truly grateful and want you all to know that.  If I KNEW how to input a photograph here..(hint hint to any mod that reads this) I'd add something, anything that said GROWNUPGEEKS are the BEST!  Oh and it would have to be

Love to all,




TUNA!!!!!!  You are AWESOME!!! It's perfect:)  

Made me do the happy dance..(my daughter says stop that mom) and made me smile!!!!!

Thanks!!!! oh and sooooo will be heading to the site:) 





The One, the Only The Super GOOBER GEEK!

ahhh! i thought she made a photograph saying that on her comp but didn't know how to upload it onto here.

once again proves i am up past my bedtime.  well hopefully the other link is of some use too.

Happy 4th! and that sparkly banner is mesmerizing Tuna!! pretty! 

*little do they know...*

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 cassie, you can make things like this here.

Tuna ><((((*> the other white meat! I am Keeper Of The Whip!

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Happy 4th to you too!

I know, isn't GuG great?!  A lot of good people here :-)

I'm glad you feel at home and we love having you here! 

*little do they know...*

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