The Poop has hit the fan...

Okay, so if anyone has been reading my past blogs, perhaps you remember my last story. Well, I have an update for all those that may have wanted to know what happened.

Donna and Andrew went on a break. During that break, Donna met another guy and slept with him. Andrew suspected that she had relations with another man and kept pushing her about it. So she gave in and finally admitted everything to him. He ridiculed her and busted her chops about it for an entire weekend. So I was in complete awe of his audacity, so I took it upon myself to tell Donna what I knew.

Let me just mention, that I tried to do the honorable thing by alerting Sandra of how I feel. I sent Sandra a text that said:

I know that we haven't spoken in awhile, but there is something that has been bothering me and I'm not sure you would understand. I gave you my word long ago and I have no intent on going back on it now. However, over time I've become very close with Sandra. It eats me up inside knowing what I know. Lately, its been worse since they've been on a break and she was with someone else and Andrew found out. He made her feel like sh!t and I couldn't believe the nerve that he had. I don't want to create drama, but I feel Donna  should know the truth about certain things. I wish you never confided such a secret with me. I know you have no interest in having her know, but woudn't you want someone to tell you? Like someone did in the past when your husband cheated on you?


Sandra text me back with:

Act like I never told you anything. It happened once, it meant nothing, it never happened again, it will never happen again. I know we're not as close as we used to be but I confided in you the same way you confided things in me that I would never tell anyone. I don't have any issues with Donna, and would like to keep it that way. And also, Andrew is still my friend, I know you don't care about him but that would cause drama for him and I both.


I text her back with:

Yeah, you've told me about more than one occasion. But its fine, I won't say anything. I'll just let it at at me. Its easier said than done to pretend like you never told me anything. Just remember anything kept in the dark comes to light with time. Andrew would sooner give you up than turn himself in.


So she flips out on me and texts:

Um, who the eff do you think you are. Everyone makes mistakes, you're no better than anyone. Stop thinking you sh!t don't stink. Maybe you should worry about your own dirty laundry instead of trying air everyone else's out. I don't five a eff what you do cause you obcviously already made up your mind. But you go ahead enjoy your gossip, cause that was so long ago that it's pointless to even think about it now.


So I didn't bother responding after that. I was uberly pissed. She came outside her face with me and I didn't even tell Donna yet. At this point, I knew it was do or die. I figured that at this point it didn't matter if I told Donna because Sandra already was assuming that I was going to say something. So I told Donna just the basics. Sandra slept with Andrew on my b-day last year. That's all.

So Andrew texts me yesterday:


Sandra text me and told me that you planning on blowing some sh!t that supposedly happened between me and her to Donna. You already know about Donna and that other guy and never had the respect as a good friend to let her know what's best for her. I know that you don't like me, I could care less, your not important to me either. Truth is since you opened your mouth and started talking crap about me as a father and my daugher needinh to be asleep  cause she had bags under her eyes, I have not liked you. There's never a second chance at a first impression and you my dear have given me the worst impression. You met Donna through me and you swear that you're the best of friends. Don't forget that she's my girl, I love her and she loves me, not you. We trying to move on with this whole other guy stuff. My girl's very honest, so believe I know everything. But this stuff that you want to say really pisses me off. It ain't any of your business just like the drama with your man and that other hoe has nothing to do with me. I don't say sh!t about you b/c I don't care to. But since you want to talk crap, we all going to get together and talk cause  I never did anything with anyone since I met Donna. Sandra and I are friends and that's it, nothing more. I don't like you, soon Donna will know why. You're a real trife person and don't forget what goes around comes around. Be safe and do me a favor, once this situation is handled. Stay the eff away from us. Don't be telling her I'm doing stiff, and don't tell her that I'm going to leave her for my daughter's mother. It's been 2 years and I still haven't, why? Cause I'm not. She doesn't need a miserable person like you keeping her like you. I want to marry her one day, and when I do, you will be gone living alone in your miserable way.


I didn't bother honoring that text with a reply. All I know is that if anyone comes up to me as if I'm a liar, I have the proof of the text that Sandra sent me basically admitting to the fling. They're just so full of crap, b/c Sandra told me about more than one instance of them being together. And she told me about other times, that he just tried to do something with her. Most of his text just makes me laugh. I did let her know what's best for her, and that's not being with him. I have a feeling they're all going to have a hate party in my name claiming how much of a "liar" I am. Plus, I don't really see the point in sending me this if you're innocent. If it's not true than the person to be upset with is Sandra for telling me anything in the first place. And that thing about his daughter, I questioned his parenting skills when his daughter wasn't getting enough sleep b/c he would rather smoke his weed before putting her to bed. Granted I was right there smoking with him and Sandra, but I don't have such huge responsibilities as a child.  But I'm not going to go look for anymore trouble. I'll just sit back and let them deal with their own crap. I'll only get involved any further if someone tries to step up to me and call me a liar. Eff that, I have proof!! In the end, through all the drama, I still feel like I did the right thing. Why should his record go unscathed? And all that crap they're talking about my own dirty laundry. Duh! Of course I have that, I'm no angel, but guess what all that dirty laundry was cleaned and went through the rinse cycle. It's been in the dryer, ironed, folded,and hung up. So I hate that people are getting all offensive about crap just b/c they don't want to own up to their wrongs. I owned up to all my crap already. Why should they think that they could live their whole lives without it coming back to bite them in the a$$. Sorry for the super long blog, I just needed to vent.....thanks you guys.



Well Donna hasn't contacted me yet, we'll see how everything goes. Once anything develops, I'll let you all know.



The Truth Is Out There. Trust No One! Deny Everything!

You're upsetting me....on several levels.

 Although I'm not real close with this situation, PhOeNiX, it's a somewhat  familiar scenario and I believe, from the sounds of these texts, that you'll do nothing but good for yourself,to be rid of these two. You don't need that bullsh*t in your life. It's too much stress and it's just not a healthy position to be in. Wipe your hands of them...julie

Andrew is an idiot. He's obviously GUILTY, if not he wouldn't have cared to respond, but he did, and not just a thats not true I never did anything but talking sh!t about you too, that right there screams GUILTY!!! Fu%* him! I hope Donna finds out and believes you and dumps his lying a$$! Ugh, this pisses me off, I hate lying cheating bastards!! We're here for you my love, vent all you want with us, and keep us updated on Donna's reaction.

-Pain is weakness leaving the body- USMC OOrah!

Typical bull-pucky-rooney-toot-tooty from someone who wants to cover their wrongdoings, I'm glad you did what you did, trust me if I EVER get a chance to confront my sister in law on all the shit shes done thru the years I will, and a fist in her snout to boot.   

What goes around comes around..don't forget it!

wow! so if i were in this situation, i would 86-all of thier asses. who needs over-sensitized-always-on-high-alert-lie-covering-up- people in their lives that bad? you don't darling. "poooog" them! start fresh!

Tuna ><(((( '> the other white meat! I am Keeper Of The Whip!

Eh sounds like a pathetic attempt at trying to cover up his wrong-doings.  And what kind of 'man' sends a woman a text like that?  Whatevs.  It's actually a bit amusing how ridiculous he comes off.  I say, to hell with them both.  Vent all you want though.  We're here to listen, babe!

"You've got to be crazy, gotta have a real need."

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