There's a somebody I'm longing to meet...

And I'm hoping against hope that I'll actually have the opportunity.  For now, his name is "Jellybean", although he looks a lot more like a little tiny person and less like a blob these days.  But, until his name is chosen, Jellybean it is.

For those of you who don't know, my sister is 22.5 weeks pregnant with her first child.  We found out on Good Friday that it's a boy.  Blue yarn!!!  With sheer joy, I dove into searching for the perfect baby boy outfit pattern online.  It was absolute glee to shop for soft, fuzzy baby blue yarn.  Tiny little hats, socks and sweaters!

Then last week came the bad news.  My sister has a rare condition called Vasa Previa.  I'd never heard of it before.  I wish I hadn't.  In short, Jellybean's blood supply has dropped below my sister's cervix.  This isn't quite the same as a prolapsed umbilical cord, because in that situation, the vessels are protected by the Wharton's Jelly in the cord.  In her case, the vessels are completely unprotected.  If she goes into labor, Jellybean will bleed to death before they can get to a hospital. 

So, next Friday makes the baby 24 weeks, "Viable outside the womb" in medical terms.  That's when my sister will start bedrest, a day after her 31st birthday.  Sometime after that, she'll be admitted for monitoring, and she'll likely spend 4 or 5 weeks in the hospital.  Jellybean will be delivered via C-Section at 34 weeks.  Fingers crossed she doesn't go into labor before then. 

Most often, this condition isn't diagnosed until the mother is in labor, and by then, it's almost always too late for the baby, and often too late for the mother.  We're exceptionally fortunate that this was caught early, as this is a complication that isn't usually tested for.  My sister happens to have a rare heart condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.  While testing to see if Jellybean also has it, the Vasa Previa was detected.  Ironically, my sister's heart condition is the very thing that's going to save her son. 

Guess I need to start looking for Preemie patterns, huh?





I can't wait to meet him, and I'm looking forward to about 10 years from now, when he'll be old enough to spend summers up in the mountains working at his cool Aunt's alpaca ranch, lol!  In the meantime, I'm still stunned and oh so grateful for the diagnosis.


"For we are always what our situations hand us, it’s either sadness or euphoria"

wow lady! being pregnant with a son myself i am swelling with tears as i read this. not only because its a beautiful thing to have such family that loves even a jellybean but because of the miracles of modern medicine and the hope your family can still hold on to. i wish you and the family the best. i cant wait to see all your work too! i know he will look back at those lil bitty booties one day and treasure all the memories he will share with his wonderful aunt!

I'm still in shock that she was soooo lucky to be diagnosed this early on.  And so extremely thankful.  They're both going to be OK, it's just going to be a bit trickier than we had all anticipated is all.


"For we are always what our situations hand us, it’s either sadness or euphoria"

That's the beauty of catching it early, once my sister enters the hospitalized portion of her bedrest, they'll administer steroid treatments to help Jellybean's lungs develop faster.  Hopefully that'll help stave off some of the typical preemie problems.


"For we are always what our situations hand us, it’s either sadness or euphoria"

I will, I'm hoping to have booties finished by the end of this week.  So tiny & cute!  Why is it that I think Uggs are hideous, but if you shrink them down to baby sized, they're the cutest things EVER?


"For we are always what our situations hand us, it’s either sadness or euphoria"

 Lady, I hope everything goes smoothly for your sister and her jellybean<3

Don't forget to show us your knits in your group, so we can all awwwww and stuff :)

mini me was born 6-weeks early. placenta previa. detected during/at labor. other than not having fully developed lungs & was considered a 'slow eater,' she's a healthy active typical near tween learning to talk back & roll eyes to the back of her head little girl!

prayers for sister & jellybean.


I'm sorry to hear that. Thank God they found it early. Your sister will be in my prayers.

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