Things that make you go hmmm...

I had a wonderful weekend. Although Sweetness bought tools from his job to open up my phone and attempt to fix what was wrong with it. In doing so, a few loose pieces come out of place and Sweetness tries to insert them back where they "might" have come from.

After much time being spent aggravated...Sweetness surrenders. He tried...really he did. However, it seems as though Sweetness made things worse. So I put in a claim to the insurance company and hope none is all the wiser.

I call insurance company to find I have to pay a deductible of $110. Why is this? I pay extra money a month on my phone bill in order for my phone to be insured. They mention to me how by paying extra a month enables me to be relinqueshed from paying full price for the phone. The first time I bought the phone I paid full price. I shouldn't have to pay ANYTHING if I'm paying for insurance.

So I caved in and they're sending me a new phone tomorrow. Ho-hum. I have to send them the damaged phone within 15 days or they will deduct another $50. Thank you of course I will be giving back the piece of crap phone that is no longer working. What do I want with it?

So the only thing I'm saying is that they should start the conversation off by saying "Please bend over and grab your ankles b/c we're really going to screw you now!" That's all I want from them. Be honest with me, I totally appreciate it. If you tell me from the beginning that I'm going to get screwed over, I can't even be upset in the end because I knew exactly what I was getting into.

And yes, I'm going to invest even more money into the phone by buying a protective case that I should have bought in the first place.



not unusual. i have heard many horror stories regarding cellphone insurance claims and having to file a police report in some cases just to prove it was lost or stolen. my opinion, the insurance is not worth the hassle.......can you hear me now?!

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$110.00 thats ridiculous!!!! I HAD verizon and every time I lost my phone I would have to pay $50.00 for the insurance deductible... Th only thing that does screw you over is that they dont tell you that after replacing it 3 times the insurance automatically cutts off! so pretty much your screwed! 


 "At 12:15... At 12:15.... They Broke It Down!!! dooo keyy doo keyy doooo.."

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