Tipping is not the name of a town in China.

Ok so this is my first blog here on GuG, being a tattoo artist I thought I'd start out with what I know about best, poking people for money! ;) haha.
Last night I did a tattoo on my husband Atom, it's an ambigram of his daughters name, Addison . In this case if you turn it upside down it reads the same word again, Addison.
So maybe I should start out with some basics for people out there considering getting some ink work done. First never get a tattoo while your intoxicated, or talked into it by a group of friends, I cover these up all the time, so I guess I'm trying to say, it is permanent so think about it for a while. What's a few months deciding something that lasts a life time?
When your absolutely sure you want to get a piece done, feel free to go to the shop and look at the flash art (the predrawn pics they have hanging up) and talk to the artists. They should be friendly and able to show you portfolio's of their work , and answer any questions you have. If someone seems too busy to talk to you, or acts like if you not getting a tattoo right now they have better things to do, I recommend going else where. Part of tattooing is talking about tattoos, which you may not get paid for, but it helps bring in future business, and helps people feel comfortable and have a good experience.
A few thing that are very important health issues you definately want to check when you are actually going to get a tattoo are:
1. make sure the needle is packaged and sealed, all hospital grade sterilization wrapping will have some type of indicator that says, when this package has been sterilized this bar will change from green to brown. so you want to make sure and check that, just ask to see the needle before it is opened.
2. check that a new clean set up is put down, a sterile disposable pad on the work surface, new ink caps and fresh ink, plastic bags covering the machine, and bottles to be touched while tattooing.
A few more things that will make your experience a little more comfortable,
Eat something at least hour before your get tattooed, if your blood sugar is low you can start to feel dizzy or sick, so have a snack people :P
Don't drink, it doesn't lessen the pain, and when the buzz wears off you'll probly feel even worse.
Read the title of this blog, my uncle (who also does ink) gave me that sticker, which is hanging in my shop, it's just courtesy, a good artist is putting a piece of art that is just for you, I feel like if you think the person did an excellent job, give them a little extra, it doesn't have to be 50 bucks, hey 10 shows you appreciate them.

Well i don't want to scare people away from tattoos, If thought out and meaningful they are beautiful pieces of art to be treasured for a life time. Just be informed and don't be afraid to ask questions. :)




Good info. My daughter is a tattoo artist and I get mine for free... plus a very healthy tip!

She did this one on my right wrist:

^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^
do not meddle
in the affairs of dragons
for you are crunchy
and taste good with ketchup

^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^


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