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I am so tired of being "in trouble" and getting ignored when I do something "wrong". I am not a child please stop treating me like one. I want a relationship where I am an equal. Was what I did really that bad you might ask. Well sometimes I get ignored for hours...or maybe just a few minutes. This time it was something personal. But I am always wrong, I'm used to that part...On Friday I am going to my mom's for a week. Can someone say VACATION!...I'm just frustrated and venting. I want to take a hot bath and forget about this afternoon. He'll still be ignoring me when we go to bed, which means I'll cry myself to sleep. Plus I'm all PmSy so that makes it even worse. UGH! MEN! No offense to the non-ignoring men. Just UGH! I don't like being frustrated. Being someone who has a mental illness...at least the specific one that I do I take everything to heart. On top of this all I'm sick again, just an upper resp. infection, but still.......can I just run around screaming?




 you rock! keep up the good work. sometimes people pull stunts that get you upset just so they can be reminded of how much they matter to you. when they don't get "rewarded" for it, they have to figure something else out. I've had friends and boyfriends like this and I really can't stand that - it's manipulation. Maybe they were brought up having to throw tantrums to get affection, so it's a habit? Sometimes I tell him (just like used to tell the friend), "I'm not going to argue or worry about it. Holler when you are ready to talk. I love you." And I drop it until he comes to me. I'm not going to let that junk ruin my day or drain me emotionally.

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i think you have some good advice below too... and i can relate. hubby o mine doesnt ignore me but rather remains so calm during disagreements that its annoying. i usually go on a cleaning rampage through the house and it blows over. so please dont feel alone. its a guy thing maybe... and you can always look forward to the best part...making up! ;)


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I've started doing a few of those things. I'm back to walking (when it's not freezing cold out), I'm going home for a week to see my mommy, and I went to the library the other day ( I love BOOOOOKS!). Last night I just got on here and blogged instead of trying to make him "feel better" or me apologizing and crying...He got over it a little more quickly..or maybe I just didn't notice it taking so long...hmmm

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You have some good advice below, already.

All I can say is that I went through a stage of "I will not be ignored, Dan!!" Lol... like that blonde psycho girl says to the guy on Fatal Attraction. Your situation is diff than that movie (sorry *very* small joke) but it sucks to be ignored. But sometimes when someone is ignoring you, all they are really saying is that they need some space. If you can respect that and realize it is HIS issue, not anything horrible about you personally, then he and his reactions no longer control you. Good luck, sweetie.

I don't know if this will help you in your situation, but If nothing else, don't feel alone...

We used to have the same problem. I couldn't do anything to change his behavior, but I could change the way I reacted to it. I found something else to do, and sincerely took interest in it. That was hard to do when all i was worried about was what was going on in our relationship. But I reminded myself that he wasn't the only important thing in my life and then went down a list of things I am proud of myself for, that matter to me, that i am interested in. I started having coffee with friends, doing more research, learning new programs, taking the kids to the movies with or without him, gardening, etc. Taking my focus off of what I wasn't getting from him freed me up to pursue things and after a while, he noticed I wasn't brooding over him. If he wanted my attention, he had to treat me in such a way to deserve it. We still have our trying times, of course, but things feel much more equal now than before. Besides the change in him that I didn't expect, I also became much more independent (if you'd asked me before I would have said I already was) and I wouldn't trade feeling strong on my own talents for 10 minutes of wishing he'd be sweet. He can go be a jerk by himself for a while and come to his senses. I'll be here when he gets back and is ready to talk about his butthead behavior!

I only use my powers for good - 95% of the time anyway

It doesn't happen a lot a lot...once or twice a week. I've told him it hurts me and his reply is..would it be better if I yelled at you and said mean things...and in the back of my mind I say yes..but I know that would hurt too....


~~I B CUTE! Don't argue with me I know I'm cute!~~

I have a friend who gets ignored alot. I do not think that is the right way of handling this. I think that you are better than that. JMO

YOU are in control of you. you are an adult. you can make a life change by moving on and taking care of YOU. or, you can stay where you are at and stand your ground. but what you can't do is force change on someone who either isn't aware there is a problem or someone who does not want to change.

we're here to support you. everyone deserves to be happy - - even when they are PMS'ing and i wrote the book on that note ;)


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