Unhappy holidays ....

Wow, this year is just bound and determined to end crappy.

I hadn't been home from work for very long when my mother called me around 8am.  My cousin Joe, one of my Aunt Rose Mary's sons (my mother's sister) was found dead by his eldest son (who is only about 28) around 2am.  He thinks it might have been a massive heart attack, but we're still not sure.

I am stunned, to say the least.  Joe didn't have any health problems that I was aware of, besides which, he would have been 50 on Xmas day.  This comes as a total shock.  He and I weren't close close, but we were closer than the rest on my Aunt's children.  I used to call him "beardy" because for as long as I could remember he had a thick, bushy beard.  He was always nicer to me than the rest of his siblings.

Joe was a quiet, selfless, unselfish, humble, caring, loving man.  Even when his own family ignored him and the world beat him down ... that poor man endured some enormous crap in the last several years ... he still held a smile on his face.  When no one else could take the time to do things, he found the time .... like all the years he did things for our grandmother when no one else could be bothered.

We lived not far from one another and we always talked about getting together for a drink, or dinner, or something ... but we never did, we could never find the right time.  I deeply regret not finding that time now.

So if I'm not around for the next week or so. you'll know why.

Blessed be Joe.  May your gentle soul find peace in the arms of the Goddess.  I look forward to seeing your smiling face again one day.

Anyway ...


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zeev - - "To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die."

you have touched me many times through your PM's. please know that i continue to be here when you need that ear.



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