verizon cell phones, tips and tricks

hello everyone adam here,

there are a lot of gifferent tricks that you can do with youre cell phone if youre verizon , for instance if you are having low signal try reprograming youre phone by pressing *228 a computer lady will pop up with a fre choices youre just oing to select option 1 and it will go through the process of updating or if you want to see what youre bill is going to be before the scary piece of paper comes in hit #225 and it will send a text with how much the bill is going to be or if youre on an impulse phone it will tell yo uhow much you have left in youre balence. annother one is if you want to test youre phone to see that its hooked up properly you can call #832 and it will do a test call if the lady says youre test call has been successful then youre good to go. if youre running late on a bill and cant make it to a store did you know you can pay youre bill through youre phone on a credit card? whell you can and its easy just dial #768 and follow the instructions. there will be more little tips and tricks on the way to come as soon as i get more time to update this blog but in the mean time enjoy and welcome to the network


if you ever have any cell phone related questions feel free to pop me a PM or post it in the forums, i am in here every day so i will find it :) 





no problem ... if yo ugo into a store and ask them to reprogram thats what they do lol ... if you move and need to update youre roaming capabilities thats how youd do it too :)

ooooOooO I didn't know the *228 dealy, thanks! :D

no problem, i believe human knowledge should be common knowledge so i share all i know :)

 Awesome tips and tricks. Thanks for sharing your cell phone wisdom!

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while i dont know a lot about t mobile i do know some basic things about blackberry like how on verizon it is possible to put one of a prepaid athough it would cost roughly 100 a month for minimal usage on top of the cost for the phone , i put a 8830 global on my line lolz and it worked great for a little while but i got fed up with it , one thing to check out if you dont know, virgin mobile has surveys you cah do in order to earn free airtime ...its on their website

excellent tips adam! if you ever have any blackberry/tmobile similar goodies to share, im ready to put them through a test ;)


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