I was walking in, he was walking out

I ran into an old bar buddy this afternoon, at a Starbuck's not far from my apartment.  Since I've moved to this area, running into anyone I know is rare in and of itself, so it was a complete shock to see a familiar face.  He was down in the area for work. 

We got to chatting, and realized it had been almost exactly 2 years since we last saw each other.  We ran into each other by chance a few days before Halloween, the year B and I dressed up as vampires, and had the dentist she worked part time for put fangs in for us, with actual dental cement.  (They still didn't hold, B swallowed one sometime while we were at the bar, mine both came off at the diner later on)  Then he asked.  "So, how's B doing these days?".  And it hit me all at once, he doesn't know anything.  Last time he saw her, her and I were younger and sillier, prepping for Halloween at the bar.  He didn't even know she was sick, and I had to tell him she was gone. 

Wow, that sucked.




Aww, that's so sad--I'm sure it was mixed for him, as it was nice to see you, but it was sad to hear bad news. But still, I also believe that you two ran into each other for a reason. Maybe it was to give the bad news, but maybe also to catch up and regain a friendship.

It's always nice to run into old friends :)

I've been looking for a word, and you found it.  It was definitely surreal.  The weird part is, I felt really bad about ruining his day.  I think his feelings were hurt a little, too, because nobody called him in June.  Somehow, I don't think the beeper number I have in my Rolodex from '96 is still good.


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I'm pretty good at putting myself in someone else's place, but I've never lost anyone close to me like you have and this is one of those times that I wouldn't pretend to know how someone feels.  It has to be surreal to be talking to someone like that and all of a sudden realize that they didn't even know or had no way of knowing she was gone.  Gosh...

Wow that is really sad.  Im sorry about your friend.


It seems as though this happened for a reason. Not to sound cliche about it or anything. But, it sounds like you're getting better, b/c instead of your first instinct of going to a sad memory about how's she no longer here, you thought immediately of the good time you had last Halloween. So even though you might have got a little sad afterwards, it's a major improvement of how things used to be for you before.  


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You're upsetting me....on several levels.



Wow and again, a chance meeting a few days before Halloween.  It was meant to be and meant for you to tell him.

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I can imagine how hard that would be. It wounds like this chance meeting brought back some fun memories of the two of you though. Enjoy those memories.

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