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I was engaged on January 1st 2008 while at our favorite resort in Angels Camp, CA. It was beautiful and magical…until I got home and found out my sister and my cousin’s fiancés had the same idea. We were all engaged no more than 3 days apart.

The bride wars ensued. My cousin took the date I had wanted right out from under my nose. The family said it was fine, because it was the only day the caterer (her fiancés friend) was available in November, and I hadn’t picked the venue yet. It doesn’t matter now because she got knocked up with another man’s baby and the wedding is off.
 Then my sister planned what had always been my dream wedding…from the church to the dress to the colors and flowers. I don’t blame her though. To be fair she was given everything free, but the dress, because her fiancé was on the board of the chapel in Yosemite which was where I wanted it.
Anyway, we decided to wait to plan things, because I was just overloaded with wedding stuff, and beginning a new job. My sisters wedding and festivities were beautiful and let me see that it isn’t really what I want. I don’t want anyone there except for a few close people, and really I don’t care what the wedding is like.
So here is the plan. I love travel and my fiancé wants the beach. We are thinking of going to Sandals because they give you a free wedding if you stay there. I already bought the dress. It seemed perfect for the beach and the store was closing so I got a beautiful dress for $40!
Any ideas? Have you heard anything about weddings there? He doesn’t have a great relationship with his family so it will just be us, my parents, and my grandmother. Or at least that is the plan. And we need to do it during a school break since we both work in education. It doesn’t matter which break…thanksgiving, winter, spring… Also any other all inclusive beach resort would work if you know of a better one.




Thanks. The wedding plans changed quite a bit just a few days ago...I'll have to blog about it. We still want to do an all inclusive in Jamaica for our honeymoon. We are getting married a few days before Christmas, so we may have to wait for Spring Break.

We honeymooned in Jamaica, 22 years or so ago.  It was safe then.  We went for the all-inclusive, everything paid for, food, drinks, smokes, etc.  It was nice to not have to worry about money.  Well, except for the spending it in the towns, which I was good at.

We went out and explored Jamaica each day.  Even rented a car and had fun driving on the wrong side of the road to Kingston.  A week sure goes by fast.

I hope you find a wonderful honeymoon place.



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Funny you would mention a cruise...we are checking into those right now, because they are so cheap. There are some great deals to the bahamas. We just have to see how much the wedding would cost through the cruiseline.

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There are 3 islands in the USVI.  St Thomas has a good mix of attractions for visitors.  It wasn't exactly Disney and there wasn't much of a nightlife but I really liked it.  Not overwhelming.  There's not so much to do that if you only have a week, you won't feel like you missed something.  We were there two weeks and I got so acclimated to the laidback-ness of it all, I could have stayed.  We took day charters to the British VI, shopped, took a ferry to St John where we rented a jeep for a day and found secret, secluded beaches.  hehe..

Anguilla is even more laid back has those secluded beaches too where you can wander off and explore without fear of getting robbed.  Or lost. 

I was worried about that with Jamaica, but I am the kind of traveler who likes to get in some culture and sight seeing. I'm not a sit at the beach person...he is though. Somewhere in between would be nice. I'll look into the USVI. Thanks!

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We stayed at Point Pleasant and it was not all-inclusive.  Some people aren't comfortable being dropped off and feeling that you are suddenly on your own.  I like it.  I don't like cruises for the same reason.  I also prefer to not go to the usual tourist destinations like teh Bahamas, Cancun, Caymen, etc.  I like to jump in with the locals.  I hear that in Jamacia, going out on your own isn't wise so there, an all-inclusive would be smart.

I do know that all 3 islands of the USVI are safe and also Anguilla which I love.

Oooh, I bet Cuncun would be less expencive too.

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My brother and his wife renewed their wedding vows in Cancun, Mexico 3 yrs ago, it was beautiful, the resort arranged everything and it worked out perfect.


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That is what we were thinking! There is so much stress that surrounds a traditional wedding. It will be nice to have the details taken care of and just show up and get married. Did you stay at an all inclusive? I've been told recently that Jamaica isn't the best place to go by several people. Do you have any suggestions as to an island that would be better?

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I single-handedly planned our wedding.  It was just my wife and me on St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.  We had already been together for 18 years so she wasn't picky about the wedding, she just wanted to get married so we could have a baby (old fashioned, I know).  She thought it was going to be a judge-wedding in town but I had planned a surprise beach wedding on Megan's Bay with a photographer, champagne, and a female non denominational minister.

Wedding was about $750 and the simple details were taken care of on the phone.  Marriage license was simple, too.  She still says that it was the best day of her life and I got myself out of the misery of a large-production church wedding.

I'd do it again in a heartbeat.  Few things can beat a fly-in, 2-week laid-back Caribbean vacation.

check these two sites out:

  2. honeyfund - i have friends that used this one for their destination wedding/honeymoon fund. they were able to honeymoon for 3 weeks.
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Oooh... thanks for letting me know... I'll be sure to inform people I don't like picture frames when I get married... or at least ones with quotes on them...

But... you can never have too many ramen pots.


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Hahaha, I guess presents are one of the best parts about weddings. My sister registered at three places and ended up with like 30 frames with wedding quotes.

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A honeymoon registry sounds like a great idea. To be honest all I could think about when we got engaged was honeymoon, honeymoon, honeymoon! I love travel. It would be nice to have some of the activities like para-sailing, and tours paid for. It would make it a memorable gift too.

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"destination" weddings are becoming increasingly popular. followed by quaint receptions back in the states. also with that, a "honeymoon fund" registry. very popular and socially acceptable.

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Never say no to presents!!!

oh... and congrats ;)... but like I said... presents!!


<---- *squeals* look what found for meeeee mwahahah!! *rubs hands diabolically*

[quote=Princessbell]Would it still be ok to register?[/quote]

yes! i would. and it provides those who cannot attend the opportunity to get a gift for the newly wed couple.

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Awww thanks.

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I wasn't sure if I should do those things, since it will be such a private wedding. Would it still be ok to register? I was going to have it filmed (sandals does this) and post it for our friends and family so they can still be a part of it.

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have you thought about where you are going to register? here are two popular sites:


also, engagement announcements. have you sent any out? you can do it electronically at

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Congrats!  I know nothing about Sandals but a wedding on the beach sounds ideal.  I would love to do that.  Just wanted to wish you all the best!


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