[Week Three] Biggest Loser

I didn't get to update last week, but I'm happy with how I'm doing so far! Here's the results:

Week 1 : +1

Week 2 : -3

Week 3 : 0

I didn't lose weight this week, but that's fine. I know that the weight loss I had at week two was more of water weight, but I know I need to lose water weight before I can lose the actual weight. I had to change my diet a bit. I used to eat rice daily, but I totally cut it out of my diet. Eventually, I'll go to brown rice when I feel the need to eat rice again, but for now, I'm staying away from it. I also cut fries out by quite a bit, as I used to eat more of it. The only bad part? I'm starting to get tired of salad--sometimes I go through my phase of loving it and then getting tired of it. I should think of better ways to eat "wholesome".

Still fighting hard and strong!




I know! I always go through a phase with salads, so I hope I can keep going with it. It certainly gives me a lot of health benefits! I've been trying to add chicken too, for protein.

Thanks for everyone's support! *hugs* 

Ooh, I love cheese and croutons Laughing That would be fun to add! I also haven't tried fresh lemon on a salad before and that sounds interesting. Thank you!    

*nods* True. I actually heard taco salads are bad for you, though! I'll definitely change it up by adding more things to do. I love caesar Laughing

good for you!! i'm in agreement w/AE. however, be careful of what you add to the salads...ie: cheese, croutons, etc. - there is the actual "salad diet" out there. fill yours with fiber. fiber will fill you up quicker than anything...and keep you regular Wink! try squeezing fresh lemon on top of your salads instead of dressings.

Tuna ><((((*> the other white meat! I am Keeper Of The Whip!

Try adding lots of different "stuff" to your salads, so the lettuce just becomes a 'base' and you dont notice it as much. Taco Salads, chef's salads, anything you can dump loads of junk into, those work great when I go through my 'salads are boring' phases! Good luck and keep up the great work and positive attitude.

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