[Week Four-Seven] Biggest Loser

Augh, I haven't updated my status in awhile! Here goes. . .

Week Four: -1
Week Five: +2
Week Six: -1
Week Seven:  -3

In all? I lost five pounds in about two months. I'm happy with my progress! I mean, I could probably lose more weight, but I'm happy with just going slow and doing what I can without being drastic. 

Unfortunately, I'm already tired of salads. I will need to find other ways to make sure I'm getting the good stuff into my body!



I've always liked soup and sandwiches. They just go well together Smile

I crave dark chocolate, if anything. Now I have an excuse as well!

i love almond accents instead of croûtons and i think feta isn't too bad of a cheese to use if you need some cheese...??

 yeah i'm sure i'll get bored of salads soon here too

soup is a great idea to go along w/ flatbread sandwiches thanks purple onyx!  

and good for you.  it's so easy for everyone to talk about how to be healthy and portions and everything but man is it hard to stick to your guns and do it consistently....i know every once in a while pizza has my name on it.  or taquitos mmmmmmmmmmm..... basically fat-cravings.

hey did anyone hear about that study Nestle did about the chocolate eating bacteria?  lol. maybe it's false but that would give me an excuse ;-) love the related headlines, lol...


*little do they know...*

Oh yes, I love salmon! And what you mentioned sounds yummy. Ooh, I have an idea for lunch tomorrow--thank you so much!

Do you like salmon?  If so, you can have a lunch that consists of a sandwich made with a wheat bagel, salmon, light cream cheese, and baby spinach. Have an apple and carrots.  Yum.  Snack on a protein shake.


Good luck! 

I love those sandwiches as well! They go great with soup! I used to eat the spring mix as well, but now I'm tired of it Frown I did try adding cheeses and stuff, but maybe I need to add other things to it?

you know what i like...

i get those lean cuisine flatbread sandwiches -- suprisingly yummy.

and then i make myself a salad--spinach & spring mix and i put feta cheese and almond accents on there to add flavor and crunch, then a low-fat salad dressing to add some zip. 

*little do they know...*

Really? I know protein is good, but I haven't looked into adding fiber. Maybe I can add it to my lunch drink or something.

Id just like to stressthat you get plenty of FIBER! Take metamucil or fiber pills if need be! It will help SOOOOO much!

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