Well it's official, I'm getting a MAC!

Ohhh, my first blog on GUG!....  Did I win a prize?  lol  ;)

Well my Hubby was kind enough to get me a new / used Mac iBook for our 11th year Wedding Anniversary, and I'm very excited.  It should be here, hopefully, by Saturday.

We've had this PC for about 6 years now, and it's pretty much done.  A laptop would be perfect for me too. 

I just have a slight learning curve now, and need to swap over to, "The other side". LOL!

It's has wireless internet too!  (Yes, I'm out of the, "Latest and greatest loop", but this is a start.)

Don't hate me GUG.... I just am tired of viruses and junk!

Much love to you all!

To be continued...





LOL!  Thanks Hot2na!  No more viruses,... "HOORAY!!"


"Peak-a-boo, I see you!" :)

do you win a prize?

why yes....you do.

no more viruses!

congrats to you

welcome to the club!


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