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A golden retriever. There is a group here in Louisville called GRRAND they foster goldens until they can be adopted by soft hearted people like my wife. Everytime she goes to their website she cries for these dogs. We put in our application and had our home visit this evening. A lady from GRRAND came out and did a home visit where she checked our home briefly and made sure we had a good fenced yard. She talked to us about their program and what they expect from us and what we can expect from them. The adoption fee covers spay/ neuter. They have a hotline if our dog gets out where they help you track them down. The dogs have microchips already. This weekend we'll go look at some puppies. They are 6 weeks old. If we like one we can take it home right then. They give us a weeks worth of dog food and a collar with a tag. They have their own vet who will call us to check in and help us get them in to be fixed when it's time. It's exciting because these little guys were abandoned just after being born and we get to give one a home. They don't know who the mom or dad are. Some body found them and gave them to GRRAND. GRRAND offers support for life with yearly activities and such for the dogs and their owners. If something were to ever happen we would have to give the dog back to them. No golden ever has to go to the pound and be killed. The kid is excited too. She's been begging for a pet for a while. Oh yeah, I almost forgot why we're getting a dog now. My wife was hired to be a therapist at a division of the group she is interning with now. She starts just before graduation. It's a good month at the Eakins house.

Edit: And the world shall know Lilly Von Blalden. She is a black golden mix. Her name may get changed since one of Brandy's friends has a daughter named Lilly and she was supposed to come over for a play date today.

SO we show up and the foster lady is already crying. They had two. Lilly and Sammie both girls. The other dog was a true golden and was the runt of the litter. Lilly weighs 5 pounds Sammy weighs 2 pounds. We liked both but Lilly attached herself to us right away. The foster parents were not ready to give up Sammy yet. She has already pooped on the carpet twice and peed (sp?) once. The foster mom told us they had all been dropped off at the pound and were scheduled to be killed when they were rescued by GRRAND. Now not one of these 13 beautiful dogs will have to die. They will remain in foster care until they are adopted. 




Congrats to you both, 2na and PIZ!!! Dogs are a wonderful addition to a family no matter how they enter your life.

That is an awesome organization. Congrats on your new addition!

I agree, she's beautiful! Congratulations. :)

that is precisely how the rescue shelters work here. they rescue. they foster out the rescued pets until adoption. the very first pet we attempted to rescue was a Bichon Frise. perfect for mini & husband's allergies. we have a limit of what breeds we can adopt due to severe allergies my family has (i swear they should live in a bubble!). so we are were seeking Bichon, Yorkie, or Cairn Terrier types. non shedding. i ended up purchasing newborn female yesterday from a private breeder. we get to pick her up april 10th.


It was over $200 for us. GRRAND is a private group that rescue dogs from the Humane society and other places. Our dog was scheduled to be killed when GRRAND got her and her 12 brothers and sisters. They placed them in foster homes until we adopted her. We did know she had a heart problem when we got her. GRRAND has a healthy puppy guarentee. So they have paid for all of her Cardiology visits and exams. They pay for the spay and her first few Vet visits. Her medicine is crazy cheap so that's not an issue. In our adoption contract it states that we can give her back to GRRAND if we ever need to or if we have to get rid of her we must give her back to them so they can make sure she goes to an approved home. We had to interview and have our home inspected to get her. We won't ever be giving her back though, ever. She is a member of our family now.

I don't want to die without any scars. 

Did plan B fall through?  And why does it cost so much to adopt where you are?  That's crazy!  I adopted a purebred german shepherd pup from our local shelter a couple of years ago.  It was $60 with a free vet check @ vet of my choice and a spay discount coupon.  Why in the world is it $275 for you?

Yes 'rescue' is becoming a huge buzz word all over the place; it's getting to the point where people think breeders like myself are the bad guys.  We screen for health probs to the best of our ability and sell our pups with written agreements that we get the dog back if you can't keep it (NONE of our dogs are to end up at the shelter!).  I always encourage people to adopt or I help them find a dog through rescue, but if you know you want a purebred or you have a special situation and a suitable dog isn't available through rescue or shelter why is it a crime to buy a dog?

The other thing I encourage is support LOCAL shelters.  HSUS doesn't even run a shelter so why send them $$$?  Rescues are a little different than shelters; they are networked across the country and can usually find a dog that will suit your needs.  Yes they need monetary support too (most rescuers and foster homes foot the bill from their pockets). Actually I take some of it back believe it or not some shelters are actually running low on dogs to adopt out and they import dogs from other states and even from outside the country.

Can you tell dogs are my "thing?"  LOL! 

She's adorable!  Looks just like the dog we had when I was growing up!  Good to hear she is doing well. 

I can relate to the hyper puppy syndrome.  I have a queensland mix, 3 years old, and she's still in puppy mode, which I love.  Mix that with extreme smarts, means more funny situations than I can count. 

awe, did you & mrs. PiZ know the pup had that ( chronic aortic stenosis) when you adopted her? we've had a rather shittty experience here trying to adopt a pet. 'rescue' is the big buzz word here for it but it takes weeks. weeks!!! and in AZ it would be a day or a few  hours & maybe $55-70 ....where as here, it ranges from $275 & up!


She's doing good. She has a mild chronic aortic stenosis. She takes atenolol twice a day and is right as rain. She was able to get fixed but is still a hyper puppy even at just over a year old.

I don't want to die without any scars. 

just reading some old 'follow up on' threads/blogs. it has been nearly 1-year. how's she doing PiZ?


It's just the camera. Her eyes are just real dark brown/black. She's been adjusting real well and we're down to just one accident on the carpet per day.   

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Awesome, P !!!

She's beautiful!!!  Are her eyes actually blue or is that the camera?  


"How do you know I'm mad?" asked Alice.
"You must be", said the cat, "Or you wouldn't have come here"

I love doggies...though I too am more of a cat person. I also love medium to big size dogs. The tiny ones are just not for me, though I am tiny myself!

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Thanks, they are actually half-brothers. Preacher was a couple years older. I got them thru someone my stepmom knows. They are both great. They were supposed to be 'show dogs', but I was happy to have good old regular house dogs. I wouldn't have thought of getting a Lab, my families have had other breeds before, but I dunno if I'll ever get anything else now that I've had them. 

I've had contact w/ some very good Golden Retrievers as well. My best friend's mother and one of my wife's friends has Goldens.

I always had dogs growing up, Gwen's the first cat I've ever had.  We had Basset Hounds, my sister now has 2 Great Danes Surprised.  I'm with you, though, no way I'd get a tiny dog, and to be completely honest, I don't want to have to do all those stairs an extra 3 or 4 times a day, never mind how unfair it would be to any puppy's legs and back.  


"How do you know I'm mad?" asked Alice.
"You must be", said the cat, "Or you wouldn't have come here"

Those are some handsome dogs.  

"I'm just like you only shorter."


That sounds like a great organization. Good for you, P. When things settle down for me, I was wondering if I should consider getting a puppy. I'd like it to grow up a bit w/ my Lab, maybe pick up some of his good habits. I'll take a sec to post my boys, Echo and Preacher. Preacher isn't w/ us anymore since late last year, but he lived a pretty good long life. So I was thinking maybe Echo needs a puppy to beat up and keep himself occupied with...


I will post pics just as soon as we get one of these little guys into our grasps.  

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I'm actually more of a cat person but I get along well with any animal. I was raised around dogs but always chose to won cats. This will be my first dog as a grown folk. This group actually turn down one of Brandy's friends because they lived in an apartment. I couldn't own a dog this big in such a small space. Little dog maybe. Toy perhaps. I just wouldn't be caught dead walking a toy dog. The wife or kid would have to do it.

"I'm just like you only shorter."


No name yet. We have to really start cracking on names. We didn't know that they would let us get one this weekend. Brandy prefers people names for dogs. I figure there will be an official name and then a shorter name we will actually use. Like Barkie Von Barkstein and then call it Barkie. Something like that.  

"I'm just like you only shorter."


what a refreshing thread to read! we are all about "pound pups" and adopting. please post proud papa pics once you have possession of the little bundle! oh, and have you picked out a name?


Tuna ><((((*> the other white meat!

Congrats!!!  I'm sooooo jealous!  I'm a dog person, but in a third floor studio, dogs just aren't an option.  Once we move, one of the first things I want to do after we get settled is adopt a puppy, cat's just aren't the same.  

Congrats to the wife, too!   


"How do you know I'm mad?" asked Alice.
"You must be", said the cat, "Or you wouldn't have come here"

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