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I came across the following post on another site & im curious if this is legit or what your view on the "string" he provided is?  Here is what he posted (his word for word on his post is in the color RED):


How to use google to find unprotected  image directories. 

This next query tries to find any types of files on angelina jolie.  Within the directory listings returned, you will be able to find musice, image & movie files.

 Here's what happens when you enter this string:

-inurl:(htm | html | php) intitle:"index of" + "last modified" + "parent directory" +description +size + "angelina jolie"               into google search engine.




use your imagination & substitute whatever you want in place of angelina jolie.




He jleo,

This search string is nice! I changed the "angelina jolie" portion of the string to "mp3" and found a significant amount of music!

Good find!! Wink


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Good stuff.

I'm beginning to like your blogs.


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Love it! Just by changing the search parameter from "angelina jolie" to other things, I was able to find directories of mp3s and whatever else I wanted. Very nice, thanks!


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