why i will never have kids,

ok, i never talk about my personal life on the net, but this one thing in particular just pisses me off. my cousin angie has a 2 year old daughter named alieena. I live with my aunt (lynn), gram (char), pap (otto), cousin (angie), cousins daughter (alieena). now the other day, i come home from work, and im tired, but i had a good day, i kept busy, i made money, i was tired, but happy. I come home and im ready to go upstairs to my room. i dont get up 3 stairs before lynn calls me down and tells me to take a couple of mattresses and box springs upstairs. She didnt ask me to, she told me to! so i tell her whatever and i come upstairs to my room expecting to relax, i find my drawers all opened, my ferret cage knocked over, the ferret bedding/litter box, all over the floor, and a 5 pound rusty chain of mine laying in the cage. Now after seeing all this, i was livid! i flew downstairs and lost it, i screamed at everyone to keep alieena out of my room. now that alieena is 2, she is allowed to go to her own room. but she also goes into everyone else's room and wrecks everything! so far we have lost 6 rolls of toilet paper (all dunked in the toilet and used to clean the floor, resulting in a watery mess) a full 3.5 pound bag of ferret food. (all dumped into the toilet) and a bottle of shampoo (dumped out on chars floor in her room). now someone please tell me, IS A TWO YEAR OLD ALLOWED UPSTAIRS WHEN SHE WANTS TO BE!?



I don't have much patience for kids, myself. My friend's son would drive me nuts when I used to visit her. He would take the salt from the dining room table and spread it all over even after we told him to stop. He would smear food and juice everywhere. It was just chaos!



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You're upsetting me....on several levels.

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Your family needs to respect your privacy. I live with my parents, not because I want to, but because if I don't they will lose their house. My sister and I have paid their morgage since my Dad went on dissability three years ago. The economy is not stable and it isn't always possible to move away from home. I suggest changing the lock to your room. Taking a key and giving one to your family in case of emergency (like fire or if you get locked out).

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Yeah, your right you shouldn't have kids anytime soon . Maybe you should look into getting your own place if your Aunt's granchild(i'm assuming) is infurating you in this way. She is just a baby and until you walk a day in your cousin's shoes maybe you should install a lock on your door and not complain about it.

I totally understand. A 2 year old most definitely should not be allowed to have free roam of the house. If shes capable of entering the bathroom and destroying toilet paper, shes capable of drinking a bottle of bleach or some other poisonous liquid. Her mother really needs to pull the reins in on her, not just because of the fact that shes destroying your room, which is infuriating, and also shows a lack of respect on the mothers part, but its also careless and irresponsible. As previously advised, a stair gate, and a lock on your door would solve both problems IMO. Good luck, let us know what happens.

I have a 9 year old, so I can relate (when she was that age, she got into EVERYTHING :).  I don't know your exact living situation, but I would suggest putting a lock on your bedroom door (is that a possiblity?).  And when talking to her Mom, let her know that as much as you adore Alieena, letting her run around like that can also be dangerous, not to mention rude.  A two year old is more than old enough to understand good manners and respecting other people.  Good luck!!

hahahaha ... man that sucks ... ya just gotta set rules and enforce them and it may be kinda saddening to punish the tot but itl all work out in the end ... i am i6 and i am still not alowed in the upstairs of my house ... my mom invited me up once to watch tv with her and as soon as we came down my stepdad was furious .. to the point where he threatened to row us out ... a little extreme tho

We have a baby gate, probably one of the cheaper or older models. When my sister in laws 2? maybe she is 3 now, 3 year old daughter comes over, she just reaches to the other side and lifts the snatch to get the gate down. Not to mention the rest of the people in the house that are stepping over it are too lazy to actually STEP over it, and kick it down, trample it, and have just ruined it. So all in all, if you have alot of older adults in your house, or an older toddler, baby gate might not be much use. The plastic door knob covers sound like a good idea, my 1 year old has already learned how to open doors LOL.

she can climb up and down steps just fine, she has both feet on the same step before stepping to the next one, so im not worried about her falling, im just sick of my stuff being touched, and tired of hearing the screaming when she is caught doing something she shouldnt, which is 99% of the time, being in my room, so i think if i just baby gate my room when im not in the house, there will be less problems, (i hope)

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just print this photograph in color and maybe it will scare her out!



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hmmm not a bad idea, and i already got my weight in embarrasing pics of alieena, and they wont put a gate at the bottom of the steps cause thn evryoner else gotta step over it, maybe ill just put the gate in my doorway if i plan to leave the house, that way she wuld have to get through the gate to get in my room,

The only stupid question is the one that remains unasked ~Niebr~

When I worked at a daycare a long time ago we used little plastic doorknob covers. The doorknob covers made it impossible for a toddler to open the door.

I also like s suggestion of a gate to prevent access to the stairs. That little toddler should not be going up and down any stairs!! 

yea thats true, she is great
(mouse traps, screeching door alarm)
*weighs one in each hand*
we cant go changing locks on the doors because we are renting this house, a screeching door alarm does sound nice, i think i may actually do that, and angie doesnt understand that alieena shouldnt be upstairs, and we all have told her this,

The only stupid question is the one that remains unasked ~Niebr~

 Niebr, I can see how the antics of a 2 y.o. could be somewhat frustrating for you, but I also think you have a point when asking about her having free reign of the upstairs. Maybe you could put a hook and eye on the door so she can't get in, and the same with the bathroom door. Maybe talking to her mom would help, but you gotta talk and not yell, ya know? Let us know how it goes for you, and another thing: I bet that little girl loves you to death! That's gotta be good for a little mess here and there.   juliek

Put little baby mousetraps all over your floor.... okay that was mean lol...

Maybe put one of those chain locks on the outside of the door... so that if someone has to get in they can, but where she can't reach it... or maybe just change your doorknob to one that locks... 

And I wasn't serious about the mousetraps... although you might also consider getting a wireless door alarm that screeches when your door is opened.....  I bet EVERYONE will want to keep her out of your room if they have to hear that everytime... 

typical 2-year old stuff! oh, and little alieena is a girl. so you can double the trouble on a terrible-two if he is a boy! just take a deep breath and sit with your mom or parents for a few minutes and ask them to share w/you stories of little niebr90 toddler in his terrible-two stage. even ask aunt lynn because she probably has a few stories. then, come back and tell us how similar or worse it was for them Wink.

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Well, I wouldn't know. I have a 1 year old, and he loves to get into stuff. But I also promise you, its different dealing with your own kids vs dealing with other peoples kids. I'm only 22 years old, and I had just turned 21 when he was born. I sure wasn't ready to be a daddy, but life is funny in that sometimes the unexpected occurs. I couldn't be any happier with my son, he's perfect in every way and I can't imagine my life without him now. The year before he was born, I lost my mother, and he has just brought meaning back to my life. Of course kids can be a handful, and I don't suggest raising one by yourself as its even tougher to do by yourself, but it is the most rewarding experience in life.

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