why it pays to have a good fan....

first, over clock a computer with Liquid Nitrogen cooling.

then over clock a computer without even a heat sink

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Ok, kids, a snot cube, for the purposes of our discussion here, is a solid gel cube measuring in at about 4"x4"x4". This cube is made of a super-secret combination of various grades of silicone and an even more super-secret bonding agent.

 What we do is pour this mixture into a cube mold, and fill it to about 2". We then take a very small seismic monitor and suspend it into the goo. We then fill the mold until the entire monitor is covered. After one day the monitor is suspended in a sticky, solid gel that protects the monitor, while allowing any outside seismic vibrations to be recorded by the monitor without attenuation. 

When you touch the cube it feels slimy and sticks to your skin at the same time, but it's solid, and looks like crushed ice when a piece of the cube is broken. We've become so used to calling it the snot cube, that we're wondering how we're going to pitch it to our potential clients!! 



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I am afraid to ask.... but too curious not to.... what is a snot cube? 


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she might not be, but I sure am. Snot Cube?

Hi animestrinity,

If you had some super crazy cooling device hooked up to your computer chip, your computer chip might run faster. Not sure how long it would run faster, or if you could even run any applications on a nitrogen cooled CPU... but that's how some of our best technology comes about.

I can speak to this because, as I type, the engineers in my office are at their lab tables in the next room, mixing various grades of silicone in an attempt to make what they're affectionately calling a 'snot cube' [more on THAT if your interested]. Laughing


-|- Confucius says: Crowded elevator smells different to midget. -|-


I am as a clueless as a baby with a bottle for the first time.

That scared the crap out of me when it exploded... made me jump and click something on the screen.... my heart is still racing.....

So... if I were to have some super crazy cooling device hooked up to my computer chip, my computer would run better? (I'm so NOT a hardware person) 


Blonde is a state of mind... or lack thereof...

*grins* - juliek, if a person slacks in the tech world for 1 month then it can be back to square one for them. I just never know at what level to explain stuff to folks.

Some people become offended if things are explained at too low a level. Glad to see you're a savvy one, though! Wink


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alivetodive, are you busting my very bustable butt " bring it up to a high enough level"?  hey, i can't help it if i'm an infant in the world of this technology. right? and I have so much to learn, in not so much time, because i'm certainly not an infant in real time!!! but that's ok, because' i can take it, but remember, i can give it too!! so i sit rubbing my hands together with an evil smile and a disturbing laugh,  julie

Hi juliek! I'm hoping I can bring this to a high enough level.... Smile

In the first video, they've made an insulated tube that attaches to the CPU (central processing unit, chip, computer brains, whatever name you want to give it), that normally has it's own little fan because when running that little chip can get very hot.

The faster info flows through that chip the hotter it gets. Most BIOS will only allow a chip to get so warm before shutting down the computer. This is why it's so important to get the right 'heat-sink' fan for your CPU.

Anyway, what the guys in the first video are doing is cooling the chip down to see how fast they could get the chip to run (clock). Looks like they set a new record! That's why they kept showing the BIOS screen that displayed the CPU clock speed and the CPU temp, AS THEY WERE POURING THE NITRO! HAhahah

The second video were a couple of dorks who ran their main board without a heat-sink fan. The chip became so hot so quickly that it literately exploded! Ahhh, the stuff boys do with their toys.


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit. -Aristotle

can someone explain this to me? what are they trying to do in each case? i know that they didn't want to ruin that shit in the 2nd video, right? i'm really interested, so if someonecould enlighten me, i'd really appreciate it! thanks julie

oh man that was funny snaps!!!!!

HOLY CR^P!!!! How hilarious hahahahahhhhh

I can't believe that chip blew a hole clean through the main board and the table!!

Also, when Circuit City starts selling the Nitro kit, I'm so IN!!! Laughing

Thanks for the giggle, Ike!


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit. -Aristotle


Yes, my post was devoid of comment but you got me too laugh out loud in class...bad;-) 

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