Woolworth- Bring back the Good ole' days

I remember a time (when I was just a bit younger) where anything I wanted was just at arm's length behind the doors of Woolworth (WW for short). After school, I would run there with my most bestest friends forever (or until Jr. High was done, whichever one came first). We would go through the aisles and wonder out loud about all the things we would ask our parents for that weekend.

I saw my very first "grownup bike" displayed in the window of WW and fell in love. It was a metallic Aqua blue with white wall tires. And it didn't have any gears, you had to pedal backwards for it to stop, but it was still dreamy. My parents finally caved in and bought it for me at the cost of only $60. I rode that bike around the world (or as far as I was able to go being only 13 at the time).

Another time, I was looking through the jewelry bin that they had in front of the cashier's stand, and I saw the most beautiful Dream Catcher earrings ever.  I didn't have to ask anyone to buy them for me because they were only $.50, 50 cents, can you believe it?! They were gold with the catcher part in white, and it had two beads, one red and the other black, to represent dreams that were already caught. I loved those damn earrings and would love to have them back now.

Oh, and I can't forget the lanyard I used to buy there. All types of different colors: neon pink, green, yellow, red, blue, and purple. I made chinese staircases, boxes and the cobra. I had an array of stylish keychains on a keyring that only held 2 keys.

So I remember the day when I ventured out back to my wonderful WW. I was on my lovely Aqua blue bike, wearing my stunning Dream Catcher earrings, and had my colorful lanyard keychains clipped to my belt loop. Then I saw that WW had the gates down and there was a sign that said "FOR RENT by the owner." Yes indeed, ladies and gentlemen, it was a very sad day for me.

I was forced to grow up quickly after that year. I had to upgrade to a 10-speed bike with crazy gears and handle breaks for both tires. I traded in my broken Dream Catcher earrings for silver hoop earrings. And I swapped the lanyard keychains for a bunch of Backstreet Boys keychains.

Oh the woe is me. The pain I went through! Please someone bring back my WW!! Cry




I used to work there as a teen!.. I hated it, basically I can't deal with the public in a retail environment..lol. but loved getting paid...! I remember it with fondness.

I remember the Soda Fountain.  Smile  Sitting at the bar in a bar stool to have a milkshake.  I would drive my lil' sis there, so we could shop.

I also remember it going out of business.

i do remember Woolworth and....their discount chain spin-off Woolco! they were indeed the king of the 5 & dime's.

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Hmm.... interesting. Now I gotta go ask my mom... maybe I'm remembering wrong. That sounds more like the real reason LOL. Either way, I miss it :( . 

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I read on Wikipedia.org that they were call the 5 & 10 b/c they would sell their product 5 and 10 cents cheaper than larger department stores.


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You're upsetting me....on several levels.

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OMG I loved WoolWorth's or the "5 & 10", which may parents tell me was because everything used to be a nickel or a dime... It was right around the corner from me... one of the first places I was allowed to go by myself as a kid. I too, used to buy lanyard there, one of my favorite aisles! God I miss it, I still drive my my old 5 & 10, just the other day I said to my best friend "God I miss Woolworth"

ahhhh the memories............ 

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I don't think I had a Woolworth's growing up.  But that is such a bittersweet story.

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