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Do You Run Over Squirrels?


As I drove down the street one day, I noticed a dead squirrel lying in repose, belly up next to the yellow line. Although the squirrel was dead I still avoiding riding over it again. I thought to myself do people notice when they crush a squirrel or does it feel just like another bump in the road not something with flesh and blood? As I thought this, I likened us North Americans to squirrels. I wonder if the squirrels complain about being run over so much as much as we complain about gasoline prices?

Do the oil companies see us as merely squirrels running across the road that they crush without feeling our deaths? Do they continuously roll over us even though we are already dead? If you cannot feel the pain that you cause to someone else, does it matter if they get upset or in the case of the squirrel; die? Amazing, how seeing a squirrel lying dead on the road got me thinking about gas prices.

Thinking about gas has become a daily part of the American psyche. It is on the news constantly and we watch in horror as the gas prices rise on a daily basis. Not to mention our disgust to find that the oil companies are making billions of dollars in profit yet stating that they have to keep raising the prices. It has become ridiculous and it appears that it will only be getting worse. I have gotten to the point where I drive my car in neutral whenever I can to save gas and it has been adding up. If I chose to drive on a full tank of gas, I could get 440 - 475 miles when I was normally getting 340 - 350 miles on a good day. I also do not wait until my tank is on empty because spending almost $70 on a full tank of gas makes me sick to my stomach especially when it used to cost me about $30.

Is it the government's responsibility to help us as we began to flounder under the weight of rising gas and food prices while our wages/salaries remain stagnant? Most of you know that I am against the war and as I see the billions of dollars spent and thousands of American soldiers' lives lost in a war that the majority of Americans are against, I am frustrated. But really, does the government have to help us? And I mean the hard-working American that is trying to make ends meet and is not living off welfare or having children with no fathers just to live off the system. I'm talking about my friends and family and the millions of America who go to work 40+ hours a day who have children that they can no longer take on vacation because gas prices are so outrageous, they can no longer afford it. Or is it our responsibility to learn to budget our finances and let unnecessary things that we would do go, live more frugally, and stop attempting to live like we are all Hollywood celebrities or Sweet 16 bratty socialites?

I know I do not want to end up like a squirrel ran over in the road.

Death and the beyond...

Fish trying to float, man trying to sink.

Sometimes I wonder if life is worth living. I mean, really...whats the point? You wake up, you go to work, you are a robot, working not for yourself but to pay others for your housing, clothing, food, transportation, medical needs, vacations, etc. I realize why I keep on surviving, its for my family. That is the point of life, what other reason is their to toll in the treachery of this society? Without my family, there is no other reason to be here. They provide me with my joy, my true laughter, and the undeniable acceptance and unconditional love. I can not imagine living without them.

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