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Why Customer Service Sucks... Sometimes.

I'm a Comcast customer... not by choice so much, but there are no other cable companies available where I live... I've seen satellite go out in a storm and since I moved to an area that has some serious storm seasons, I'm not all that interested... I'd especially not be likely to purchace Interwebz from anyone but cable out here... television I *could* easily live without, but it's nice to have around.

Meet Gir and Æon... :)

I have to note, as I type this, all three babies are asleep on me... Pop Tart, Gir, and Æon... dogpile on Trinity.

Hubs2be brought home 2 more kitties on Friday... He had only intended on grabbing one, but the brother started following it's sister when he had captured her... I say captured, but that's used loosely...

Meet Pop-Tart :)

Product Review =/= Blog

Okay... I'm in rant mode again.

I spend a LOT of time online... I like to do window shopping... and because most of the things I think I want I've never seen in person, I rely on product reviews... most importantly the bad reviews.  I look at maybe one or two of the 5 star reviews, and then head straight to the one and two stars... I want to know why I maybe shouldn't buy it.

Things Kittehs Might Confuse For...

I know it's been forever since I posted my last blog... well here anyway... I've been busy taking over the non-geek side of the Interwebs and working on a YouTube takeover as well... so far it's going a lot slower than planned... but all in good time.

For the Love of Hairties!

Okay... so I have this cat... he's the prettiest thing.  He's sorta retarded sometimes, but is adorable most of the other times... he talks to me, comes when I call him (shocker!).... usually... and drools when he's uber happy... His name is Boo.

Did Ya Miss Me??

So... I know I went MIA for the past week and then some... I've been moving...

Now I'm in the middle of nowhere... no Las Palapas down the road, no Jims cheese soup at 2AM, no more Jack in the Box... but on the other hand I just discovered Snickerdoodle Ice Cream and I think I'm in love...

Quit Making Me THINK!!

Alright... This started as a response to Me In Wonderlands thread... and then that response became rather lengthly... so I decided to blog it.

Me In Wonderland posted a topic asking everyone what passion of theirs drives them...

Okay... I had to think on this... because writing and music are freakish passions of mine, but... they don't drive me... Well, I guess they do, but they aren't the reason I move forward.

Chinese, Crazies, and Cats... Yay for Alliteration!

I ate the contents from Chinese mystery take out boxes 1 and 2... minus the nasty green broccoli (seriously... why do they think it's edible?) tasted 3, but decided that was gross... so... yeah... let's hope I don't die from this.

Let's see... it's been over FOUR months since I blogged last!  Crazy!

Well... I have a reason for that.  I dropped the guy I was seeing at the time... and that has caused me to have a lot less drama in my life... *SURPRISE SURPRISE!*


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