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The Love Hate Connection

Love is one of the most immense feelings that one person can feel. It is a gateway emotion. It can open the flood gate to many other emotions....pain, rejection, fear, and most oddly enough...hate. One doesn't necessarily have to be a cynic in order to fully understand the complexity of a love/hate relationship. There is truth in the thought that one must have loved another before truly hating the latter.

Out Of Touch With The Rhythm

Lately it seems as though I haven't been able to follow the beat....or at least not able to keep up with the rhythm. Sometimes I feel like things work against me, never with me. Other times the melody flows so smoothly that the harmony is beyond words. I think to myself, If this one thing can't go my way, please let that other thing go my way.

Not only is she a cooty queen, but she's also a lint licker!

Well, as usual I'm thinking way too much about something than I should be. Okay, so there's this girl who used to be best friends with my Sweetness. This "best friend" has tried to steal my sweetness away a few times, only to fail miserably in the end.

My gripes for the month

Okay, as I have been super busy, I haven't had much time to post on my GuG. By the way I've really missed you guys and promise that  once I move into the new place (Nov 1s), I should have more time to bless you all with my

The Poop has hit the fan...

Okay, so if anyone has been reading my past blogs, perhaps you remember my last story. Well, I have an update for all those that may have wanted to know what happened.

Donna and Andrew went on a break. During that break, Donna met another guy and slept with him. Andrew suspected that she had relations with another man and kept pushing her about it. So she gave in and finally admitted everything to him. He ridiculed her and busted her chops about it for an entire weekend. So I was in complete awe of his audacity, so I took it upon myself to tell Donna what I knew.

What about your friends?

     After work last night, I stopped by my friend *Donna's job to spend some time with her. She works as a Bartender/Waitress in Applebee's. Therefore, I went to the bar part and sat there and kept her company in between her taking orders. We were just shooting the breeze and shortly after my Strawberry Lemonade came, she started talking about her horrid boyfriend *Andrew. I immediately felt a surge of guilt all over that I could not explain...until now.


MTA- Going your way?

Every single day of my life I am forced to use the New York City Transit system, better known as the MTA. Yeah, I was ticked off when they raised the fares to $2.00. I was even more upset when they raised the prices of the unlimited Metrocards. Those little extra dollars a year really adds up. However, I was able to get past the fare hikes. What irks me the most is their service!

Recently I had an incredibly terrible experience with a bunch of MTA workers. When waiting for a bus on Pelham Bay Park, I realized that there was 3 different bus stops on the same side for the same numbered bus (BX12).  So there are about 15-20 MTA workers just slumming around, so I proceed to attempt to ask one which stop I should be waiting at in order to get to my destination. So when I approached a worker to inquire, he simply looked at me like he was getting ready to hit me or somthing. Did I mention he was kind of dodging me, he seemed to be running away from me. So I couldn't believe it and lost patience and told him, "You know what never effing mind!" I couldn't believe how reluctant he was to assist me.

Memories that cannot be forgotten...

As another holiday approached, I cannot help but think of those I lose closeness with over the past few months. Its crazy how days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. How many times can I recall that I was sitting in her bedroom laughing and having a good time? What happened to us over such a short period?


I, myself, will admit that I am bull-headed and refuse to be the only one trying to salvage a friendship. It has been longer than a few months that I started to feel the weight of the friendship on my shoulders. It turned into something that was not healthy. Smoking (not cigarettes Embarassed
), and drinking...getting a high that took me into another world. It was the only that we were able to do lately that would connect us. How foolish I was thinking that these highs can save our friendship...and what about all the money spent on weed and alcohol.


Woolworth- Bring back the Good ole' days

I remember a time (when I was just a bit younger) where anything I wanted was just at arm's length behind the doors of Woolworth (WW for short). After school, I would run there with my most bestest friends forever (or until Jr. High was done, whichever one came first). We would go through the aisles and wonder out loud about all the things we would ask our parents for that weekend.

I saw my very first "grownup bike" displayed in the window of WW and fell in love. It was a metallic Aqua blue with white wall tires. And it didn't have any gears, you had to pedal backwards for it to stop, but it was still dreamy. My parents finally caved in and bought it for me at the cost of only $60. I rode that bike around the world (or as far as I was able to go being only 13 at the time).

Things that make you go hmmm...

I had a wonderful weekend. Although Sweetness bought tools from his job to open up my phone and attempt to fix what was wrong with it. In doing so, a few loose pieces come out of place and Sweetness tries to insert them back where they "might" have come from.

After much time being spent aggravated...Sweetness surrenders. He tried...really he did. However, it seems as though Sweetness made things worse. So I put in a claim to the insurance company and hope none is all the wiser.


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