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[Week Four-Seven] Biggest Loser

Augh, I haven't updated my status in awhile! Here goes. . .

Week Four: -1
Week Five: +2
Week Six: -1
Week Seven:  -3

In all? I lost five pounds in about two months. I'm happy with my progress! I mean, I could probably lose more weight, but I'm happy with just going slow and doing what I can without being drastic. 

Unfortunately, I'm already tired of salads. I will need to find other ways to make sure I'm getting the good stuff into my body!

[Week Three] Biggest Loser

I didn't get to update last week, but I'm happy with how I'm doing so far! Here's the results:

Week 1 : +1

Week 2 : -3

Week 3 : 0

I didn't lose weight this week, but that's fine. I know that the weight loss I had at week two was more of water weight, but I know I need to lose water weight before I can lose the actual weight. I had to change my diet a bit. I used to eat rice daily, but I totally cut it out of my diet. Eventually, I'll go to brown rice when I feel the need to eat rice again, but for now, I'm staying away from it. I also cut fries out by quite a bit, as I used to eat more of it. The only bad part? I'm starting to get tired of salad--sometimes I go through my phase of loving it and then getting tired of it. I should think of better ways to eat "wholesome".

[Week Two] Biggest Loser

I'm trying to lose weight--and I purposely left out the first week because I didn't do so great Sealed

Now? I'm getting into the swing of things, and I hope the scale will tell me something tomorrow! So, like many people, I went ahead and repeated last year's New Year's Resolution which was to lose weight. Last year, I actually got on it and lost 10 pounds. . .but then when I got married, I gain it all back like crazy because I didn't have time to work out.

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