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Gouged by Geeks - Investigative Report on Computer Techs.

The following is a clip about an investigative report that researches just how knowledgeable computer techs are when it comes to fixing home computers.

This is actually pretty entertaining, but may shock some of you. Alas, less so with me and I think we all know whats going to happen when the Geek Squad shows up;-)

I'm also including a link to the full investigative feature on CBC, which is even more disturbing.

Pay per View on Ultimate Windows Vista

This blog will be updated.

Yesterday I finally bit the bullet and invested in a Sony Vaio notebook pre-loaded with Windows Vista Home Premium. The following blog will detail my experience with the operating system of the near future.

Item 1:

The first item on my list was to make a back-up of system files as new laptops generally don't come with recovery disks. So before I tweaked anything, I wanted the OS right out of the box.

Computer Geeks and The NCAA Tournament.

Well, one of my favorite weeks is upon us, the first and second round of the NCAA tournament.

Ah, what bliss...

No matter how much college basketball you watch, no matter how much analysis you digest from ESPN ("East-coast" Sports Programming Network), you simply will not get out of the first round without your picks completely devastated and your office pool tournament bracket in the toilet.

My first test blog and a little about modems/routers and speed.

Okay, this blog was never meant to stay up for any duration. I was just seeing what type of features were available and to test for functionality.

But, in for a penny - in for a pound.

The link below is a site for default usernames and passwords for various modems/routers...something I've found useful to have bookmarked when troubleshooting other routers.

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