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Amstaff puppies....Take a look --> NO Michael Vick here!!!!

Musa, our dog, finally has championed out at some dogs shows and it's time for some breeding. I'm sure he's excited more about it than I am....guys..sheesh! Anyhow, he's now being featured on a website of one of our friends. All I'm asking is that you just take a look at the link for me and ask your friends to do the same. Musa is not a PIT BULL, but is an American Staffordshire Terrier.

Kingdom of Bahrain -- Corona's & Prostitutes


Traveling around this part of the world is the easiest thing that I've ever experienced when traveling via plane. You just wouldn't understand it...and I'm dreading going back to the states in January and dealing w/ the Dulles & Denver airports.

This is how it goes here, our plane left
at 7:05am. Arrived at the airport at 6am, checked in (only 2 people in line,) the guy behind the counter took a whole 3 minutes to do his thing, walked thru the scanner things, picked up some Starbucks, which I can take on the plane w/ me, headed to the gate and was on the plane by 6:30am. Didn't have to go thru any bull-pucky-rooney-toot-tooty, none of this "Did you leave your bags unattended?" Blah, blah, blah....Jamie always has to remind me that well, here in the
Middle East, the terrorists don't blow up their own planes. Truthfully, it makes me feel more at ease when I board a plane here. I just have to remember that I'm the minority on the plane. However when the prayer starts playing I get a little freaked out, and then inevitably there's always some Muslim guy sitting behind me playing w/ his prayer beads non-stop. Unnerving to say the least when he doesn't stop playing w/ them the entire flight.

Our flight to
was a whole 25 minutes’. It seriously felt like we took off, flew straight for about 15 minutes’ and then started to descend. Easiest thing in the world.

So Bahrain is the "
Las Vegas
" of the middle east...w/out the gambling, but still have the alcohol & prostitutes. Yes, I said prostitutes. It's legal in
. I just don't get it, but hey, it pays their bills and it makes them happy, so be it.

Sitting in the
Crowne Plaza bar I was the only white girl in the place and beyond that, their was hardly any women to begin with. I had some good laughs though. I can't help but laugh when I see this raggedy old man w/ this young girl on his arm. Plus seeing the Arab's in their 'man jammies' drinking is so ironic that it's just stupid. Apparently the Muslims believe that Allah can't see beyond the
border, so it's okay to drink alcohol and have a little fun on the side w/ the paid girls. Yes, I know that 'man jammies' isn't the correct politically term to be using, but hey it's a lot easier to say and I can spell it w/out having to look up Disdashes.

Only in Kuwait....

I had quite the adventure today. Went w/ a friend here out to an animal shelter here. The Animal Friends League of Kuwait (AFL) is about an 1hr south of here. Yvonne has a GPS system in her car, which is awesome. And w/ no physical address to input into the GPS it's useless, so it's a good thing we had the directions too. But, she wrote them down wrong. I would say that we were about 15/20 miles away from Saudi Arabi today. Thousands of camels all over the place. Didn't stop to take pictures today because it was a little scary being lost in the desert. Finally got turned around and made it to the AFL after 2 1/2 hrs of wandering around. Played w/ the animals for an hour or two and left. So then we used the GPS to get home, and the damn thing took us in circles, twice. At this point, I was a little panicked, plus Yvonne was trying to play w/ the damn thing while driving. To tell you the truth, that shit makes me paranoid only because here you have to worry about the other drivers and yourself. Oh and by the way, we only had an 1/8 of tank of gas, so off to find a gas station as well. We see one, I tell her turn, she misses it, we turn on the highway. Ack...go up a little way, make the first turn off the highway, input Gas station into the GPS, recalculates, sends us to the next one down the road. Again, I tell her to turn, she goes onto the 40, which is the highway of death of here. We go a little ways, and there's friggin wall to wall traffic stopped. It's 98 degrees, and she's doing the "let's pull up as close as I can to the next car w/out hitting them and stomp on the brakes...the car in front moves an inch, she moves an inch, stomps on brakes..." Ya, my stomach was all upset, she's friggin' in panic mode and the Kuwaiti soldiers are all smiles and teeth as we drive by them! I had to keep telling her to calm down and we'll be fine. Finally she pulls off to the right hand shoulder and we move forward. Go by the accident, which was horrible and honestly I don't want to think about it. Let's just say that I'm pretty sure that some of the occupants weren't making home, either tonight or just at all. Yeppers...made it to gas station and got gas after everything. I swear to gawd had Jamie and I been in that situation we would've broken up at least 3 times and been yelling at each other like none other. It was the most unique day that I've had in a long time. 

It's time to make the donuts...

It’s time to make the donuts….

That is exactly what I think every time I hear the muezzin calling the worshipers to prayer before sunrise from the minaret (tallest point on the Mosque that has the speakers.)

I think about the donut guy and those commercials because of how he looked all those times, droopy eyes, barely awake and just starting his day, all before sunrise.

Why are they staring?

It's that time again....when I can't sleep and all I can think about is the new environment that I'm in and how in the world can things be so different here?

Again, why are they all staring? And what are they staring at?
Me, me and me again! Not because I'm carrying around toliet paper tissue on the heel of my shoe or because I have mustard on the side of my face or even that my hair is stuck in the Cameron Diaz "What about Mary?"'s all because I'm a caucasin women in a country where the ratio is almost 20:1 (men vs women.) I'm guessing on that ratio, but it certainly does seem like it at times. Mostly when we're walking around in the bazaars, eating

There REALLY is no place like home...

So as most of you are reading this it's around 5:30pm or so....yet not for me. It's already after midnight and I thought that this would be a good time to finally start what I set out to do about 2 weeks ago. However getting the internet seemed to be a bigger problem than it really should be.

It's been 16 days since the 24 hr trek spanning a good 6000 miles. The first 6 hrs of travel turned out to be the most uncomfortable flight that I've ever experienced, thanks to the man in the seat in front of me. Apparently he had way too much fun in American and decided to snooze until we landed at Heathrow. Let me tell you, it was a true pleasure having his head in my lap most of the way, really for the exception of taking off and landing that is. Jamie slept like a baby in the seat next to me.....

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