Board Games. Remember Those?!

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OMG!!  My brother bought an UNO game of South Park... geez, it's so fun!  It had a Dead Kenny card that you have to keep drawing cards until you get another Kenny card.. man, if you guys have me on myspace (my real profile), check out some of my photos.  There's a photograph of my brother with like a gazillion UNO cards because of Kenny...  


Re: Board Games. Remember Those?! ( LadyBunnyLover)

I'll have to ask my brother where he got them from... but I will let you know... Wink


Re: Board Games. Remember Those?!

every Christmas and New Year we have family tournements of Trivial Pursuit :)

Just the other day I was sat round my nans house on a Friday night playing Scrabble with her and my Auntie :)

Me and my brother still play monopoly together too.

My family is more into card games though...

things like Chase the Ace, Kings, Bingo and things like that :)

If everybody looked the same, we'd get tired of looking at each other :)

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Re: Board Games. Remember Those?!

yes i remeber all these games they were fun


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