Free Computer Help: Shopping for A New PC

The first thing you'll notice when shopping for a new PC, whether doing online shopping or at the local computer mart, is the vast selection of computer brands to choose from!

We'll help you choose what 'kind' of computer is best for you.

Mom & Pop computers

You find these 'no name' PC brands at neighborhood computer stores. These computers are basically 'home-build' PC's assembled at the store. The store buys a lot of parts and throws them together the same as you could do in your own garage. This type of computer is often called a "garage PC". This type of computer is usually less expensive than a name brand computer, but may not perform very well and probably has very little or no support. Garage PC's may also come with pre installed software that is pirated or illegal.

Low end computer manufacturers

These aren't much better than garage PC's when it comes to quality, reliability and performance. They generally have better support and you can be certain that the pre-installed software is legit.

Tier 1 PC manufacturers

These are the ones you've heard of: HP, Dell, Gateway, Sony, Toshiba, etc. These systems are (usually) of higher quality, have much better quality control in the manufacturing process, and have better after-sales support (even if the phone support is in India). These manufacturers generally have lots of name brand pre-installed software. Unfortunately they often come overloaded with 'junk' software, trial software and sometimes even Adware. All this 'junk' software can sometimes slow down an otherwise well performing new PC.

Specialty computer manufacturers

These manufactures specialize in performance or 'gaming' systems such as AlienWare or attractive and well designed systems like Shuttle. These computer systems usually have good support and quality but may cost more than Tier 1 PC manufacturers

Oh.. And one other thing...

Do you remember Apple Computers?
For most users, particularly new users, Apple Macintosh computers are the best choice. See our Apple Computers page.

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