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Is anyone familiar with I am wondering if the feature of finding out who has googled you reveals individuals or only businesses that have searched for you? And is this only if they clicked on your brandyourself profile? or by clicking on say a myspace or facebook photo? Any input would help. I fear someone has found me googling them and I'm embarrassed :(


Re: brandyourself website

A few of the things that claims it can do, or infers it can do, are simply not true:
Follow our steps to make those profiles/links rank higher in Google:: No person or company can "make" anything rank higher in Google searches. After following their recommendations, it is possible that this may happen, but it is just as likely that it will not happen

Find out who’s Googling and finding you online. We'll tell you any time anybody searches for you online and finds your BrandYourself profile. For example, discover if you were Googled after that job interview or that first date you went on. :: What this means is, if someone searches you, sees your profile in the results AND clicks on it to view your BrandYourself profile, they will tell you. If they see/click your Facebook profile (which is the one that matters because nobody has ever heard of, BrandYourself will not/cannot tell you about it.

So, to be clear, Brandyourself, and ANY OTHER WEBSITE can NOT tell you when someone has Googled you.

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Re: brandyourself website
Thanks hubby. You've put my mind at ease!
Re: website

Hey guys, I work for BrandYourself and just wanted to chip in.

Hubby explained it pretty well. We only show results for when someone actually visits your BrandYourself profile. Google is the only one who ever has the data you type into the search box from their search engine. We only alert people that someone found them when you visit their profile—similar to LinkedIn's alerts of your profile being viewed.

As for "making" your profile rank higher, it's true that nothing is guaranteed with search engine rankings, but we've found that the steps we recommend help your profiles stand the best chance of ranking higher, and the vast majority of people see improvements in their rankings. That said, we don't intend to imply guaranteed improvements—the wording was just for the sake of brevity. Perhaps it would be better worded as "Follow our steps to HELP those profiles/links rank higher in Google."

Either way, thanks for the feedback on how we can clarify our site, and we'd love to here any other thoughts or suggestions.

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