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Vash the Stampede
Re: Bring It Back!

they still sell them but mail order only i think.

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Lemon Coolers... omfg I miss those :(


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Roxy "Hula" perfume, Roxy went back to making perfumes but the ones they put out JUST aren't the same.

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i was going to say Clearly Cnadian flavored water but i found it is still made and i can order online! yay! so i have to say i wish victorias secret would bring back their Encounter perfume. i have a small bottle (its a rare one that used to have a stand with it) and only spray on special occasions.

Re: Bring It Back!

They aren't discontinued, just really, really hard to find.  I was craving them the other day, couldn't find them anywhere, and when I finally did, they only had the tiny 25 cent bags, and NO COMIC on the back.  I felt tricked.  I want the real thing.


"If it suddenly ended tomorrow, I could somehow adjust to the fall
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Andy Capp.  hehe...  I read this somewhere once:


Q:  You know why brocolli is shaped like a cartoon fart?

A:  Because it smells like it came out of Andy Capp's ass!

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 Man, those are really good.  I work for a vending machine company and we used to carry the small 1 oz bags.




Bring It Back!

sex and the city series. bring it back already. AND six feet under! loved that one too.



Almost Evil
Re: Bring It Back!

Buffy! HBO's Carnivale! FX's Dirt!

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