Britney's Back!

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Re: Britney's Back!

Eh, she doesn't interest me nearly as much. But I guess I'll take what I can get. Winehouse won't let me down! Lets go self-destuction! Woo!

Re: Britney's Back!

I've always pulled for Britney.  It was frustrating for me to watch her repeatedly trip over herself.  If she had hired me as her handler years ago, she could have saved herself a lot of embarassing trouble. :)

Toxic still ranks as one of my personal favorite videos.


Here's Womanizer - non-embedable.

Vash the Stampede
Re: Britney's Back!

i got a chance to watch the video.  its very sexy.  its funny too though, it appears that now pro tools does britneys singing for her.  lol.

Re: Britney's Back!

Good for her! See what the power of exercising and eating right does, you get a fit body. I think she looks good and I am rooting for her.


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