Internet Help - Is Internet Explorer safe?

A web browser is the program you use to surf the web. What many new internet users don't know is that there are other web-browsing programs out there to choose from besides Microsoft's Internet Explorer and AOL's internet browsing program!

Chances are you are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer right now to access this website.

Internet Explorer is Not SecureInternet Explorer is one of the many browsers available, but because Internet Explorer (IE) is built-in to Windows most people just use it without even thinking of ever using something different.

"..You simply cannot ignore the fact that Microsoft Internet Explorer is not safe to use.."

Get Firefox and surf the
Internet with Safety, security and privacy.

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Firefox is free for everyone, contains no spyware, and is considered the best free, safe web browser available today.

The only trouble with IE is that it is full of security holes and other issues that can allow hackers or unscrupulous websites to install all kinds of nasty things on your computer. Many experts such as Leo Laporte, Steve Gibson and The Grown Up Geek recommend that you do not use Microsoft's Internet Explorer!

You have a choice!

There are many other web-browsers to choose from. The Grown Up Geek and other experts such as Leo Leport agree that the secure and safe browser of choice is Firefox.

Firefox looks and functions much like Internet Explorer!

But Firefox has one main difference: Firefox is safer to browse the web with. There is no single, easier, cheaper way to surf the web more safely! Oh, did I mention that Firefox is FREE? No need to worry - Firefox is one of those very few programs that is safe to use and is free! Do what other safe web surfers already do and surf the internet safer with Firefox! Remember, you can download Firefox for FREE and it will help you prevent spyware on your Windows computer.

You do not have to remove Internet Explorer to use Firefox

When you install Firefox there is no need to remove Microsoft Internet Explorer from your PC. After installing Firefox, just double-click on the new Firefox icon to surf the web instead of the Internet Explorer icon. If for some reason you choose to use Internet Explorer, you still can - you can even use both at the same time!
Virtually all internet websites will look and function exactly the same with Firefox as they do with Internet Explorer. About the only website of any consequence that does not function properly is Microsoft's Windows Update web-page. If you ever need to visit the Windows Update website, you'll need to use Internet Explorer. But remember, if you have Automatic Updates set to "automatic", there usually no need to manually visit Microsoft's Windows Update webpage.

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I currently use Firefox 3 for all my browsing, Even for sites that require IE! How do I do that? There is an Firefox addon called IE Tab. Very simple to use, after installing the addon, go to tools, IE Tab optopns, add the sites web address as a site filter. Now when you visit a IE only site, it will open. I don't know how to explain exactly how it works, but the new tab that opens is actually an IE tab on Firefox. It is a necessary evil to use IE, but when you absolutly have to, this works nicely.

Yea! Quite agree with you that Mozilla Firefox is great security wise, whereas, IE is currently riddled with numerous security lapses.

However, Chrome remains the Fastest - and my favourite.

get rid of Internet Explorer and use Chrome

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