Free PC Help - What to know before you build your own computer

Building your own computer can be a fun and rewarding learning experience.
It can also be the most expensive & frustrating mistake you've ever made!

Tips and things to consider before building a computer yourself.

Are you building a computer to save money?

5 or 10 years ago you could save a lot of money by building your own PC. But these days PC's are so inexpensive there isn't much room for savings. Sure, you can save $100 by building it yourself, but what if something goes wrong? Who will you call for support? And what about software? Don't forget that you need to buy an Operating System (usually Windows), Microsoft Office, or similar programs that are often included when you buy a PC from a name brand manufacturer. Building a computer yourself is a great learning experience, but don't try it just to save a buck.

What will the PC be used for?

For work?
If so, you probably won't need a lot of expensive 'top end' parts, unless your work requires you to use some extensive software, such has 3D graphics, video and graphics, programming, CAD/CAM, etc.

  • A PC To play games?
    If you want to build a new PC geared for video games, you'll probably want to get all latest and greatest new hardware, so you can really enjoy all the new 3D technology in the newest games.
  • A PC For Web Surfing?
    If you want a basic internet and email PC there is no need to spend a lot of extra money on high-end (and expensive) parts.
  • A High-Performance PC? Expensive parts, lots of RAM, big hard drives (and lots of them), super-duper blasto-matic video card.. These things add up. Get your checkbook ready!

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