Bummed about the rain

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Penelope Pickle
Bummed about the rain

My family and I will be going to Yosemite National Park this weekend.  My daughter and I were definitely looking forward to spending time out doors and getting familiar with nature.  It's supposed to be really nice out there and we were going  with a group of friends as a surprise birthday weekend for one of our friends.

So I check the weather forecast for the weekend and it says that it's going to rain all weekend!!  What a bummer! We wanted to be able to ride our bikes and hang out and go hiking.  Now, we can't get our money back from the cabin resort because they only allow us 72 hours before you check in and we're checking in on Saturday!  =(  I'm so dissapointed.

Are there any gugs out there that that idea about what indoor activities I can do with my family?  Considering it's going to rain  all weekend? My kids are fairly young 2.5 & 7. 

Any suggestions would be great!


Re: Bummed about the rain

have you browsed their website yet for things to do when it rains or snows, hotmama99?

In the fall, nights grow increasingly cold while daytime temperatures continue to be warm through October. September and October typically bring a succession of clear, brilliant days although early winter storms may pass through, particularly in October. Since rivers and streams are supplied by the melting snow, some smaller streams are trickles or completely dry by fall. By mid-October, night time temperatures at higher elevations are below freezing and daytime temperatures are cool to mild. Increasingly more frequent and intense storms pass through the region and winter is always just one large storm away. (Keep reading for important road information.)



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