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ok so its been a while since ive burned a dvd and im not on my laptop now so ic ant check. someone at the office was asking about burning dvds. dvdfab and dvdshrink still the best free way to do it? and you use dvdfab to decrypt and shrink then dvdshrink to burn right?

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Re: Burning DVD's????

 More or less yes. DVDShrink and DVDFab both can decrypt but DVDShrink can also shrink a dvd to fit on one disc. To burn you need burning software. See the link I posted below. 

Re: Burning DVD's????

I downloaded burnware 3.0 beta and it works great. I had tried 2.4.6 but I had problems with it being able to detect my burner. 3.0 beta the problem is fixed and is working great. thanks for the tip on the burnware.

Re: Burning DVD's????

PinkyV02 wrote:
Does any one know of a good (free) software to use to burn dvd's?? I'm trying to make a copy of my Phil Collins concert dvd for a friend, but I have no program to burn the dvd from. help. any ideas??



Do a search for CDBurnerXP, and it should take you directly to the site.  I've used this one quite a few times without any problems.


where i can download xevil

So where i can download xevil???

Can't find any URL.


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