bypass myspace set to private..

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bypass myspace set to private..

soo someone knows how to bypass Myspace profiles set to private.. the question is what does he do with this information?



Re: bypass private myspace ..

SHD wrote:
...what does he do with this information?

Be a jerk?

Seriously - it depends on what's being posted on the private page.. if it's all sorts of juicy stuff that the person thinks wont be seen by prying eyes, he's in heaven. If nothing juicy is posted then he can just obsessively stalk/check the page until something good gets posted.

Re: bypass myspace set to private..

so whatch your sayin is its essentially worthless unless your an untrustin spouse or criminal?


Re: bypass myspace set to private..

Or if you're not over your ex and desperately seeking proof that s/he's still single, or that his/her new girlfriend/boyfriend is uglier than you, or that s/he gained 50 pounds and lost his/her hair since you broke up.

Or if you have a crush on someone and want to see what events s/he is going to to show up there (I guess that only applies to facebook?), or to check what he likes/thinks on a variey of subject so you can strike up a good conversation next time you meet.

Or if you're curious about what old classmates/colleagues have been up to, but for various reasons they're not adding you back.

And yes, I guess in the case of an untrusting spouse, but I can't really imagine not having access to your spouse's myspace/facebook...

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