Why Having Cable or Satellite TV is Stupid

Today I took a very big step. Throughout my entire life I have had cable or TV minus a few months when I was living in Montana. Today I called Time Warner Cable and I asked about my options for a downgrade. After going over some of the numbers I could downgrade from $205 a month to $165 a month. This included Internet service and cable television. In all reality, I knew I did not watch enough TV to spend this much money on a monthly basis.

I Can Live Without TV

Blurry TVAfter speaking with the representative for several minutes I asked him how much it would cost for just my Internet. I have one of the fastest Internet services available as I like to do hangouts on Google+. My Internet service alone was $81. The difference in $81 and $165 is a very big difference for me. I decided to cancel my entire cable service and just keep the Internet. This is something that is going to be much different for me as I have always had the opportunity to watch cable even if I did not watch.

I absolutely love sports and I like live events but Twitter is changing the way that I consume content. Even when I am watching live sports most of the time I'm looking at Twitter on my phone to see what people are saying. I'm going to do a social experiment to see what it is like to consume content only on my Twitter app on my phone rather than watching television. I will continue to have a TV but it will not have cable hooked up.

I have not done the research on getting an HD antenna or hooking up my computer but that may be an option. Many of my friends have said that almost all TV shows stream online through Netflix, Hulu Plus or a specific website. I will be completely honest in saying that I don't watch many sitcoms so it should not be hard for me in the short term. That being said, the next major golf tournament will be the U.S. Open and I will want to catch that action somewhere. I will have to do extensive research online to see what live streaming options are available.

I Cannot Live Without Internet

My job is Internet based so there is no way that I can live without the Internet. I could probably live with the lower cost Internet option but I like high download and upload speeds just because of all of the things I do with YouTube and with Google+. I am more than happy to spend $80 a month on Internet as it helps my overall business and Internet presence. It will be interesting to see how this process works over the next few weeks and few months as I will be using the Internet much more to watch events.

I am not certain that I can enjoy events completely by looking on Twitter but it will be an interesting experiment. Once a major event happens on TV most of the time the highlights will be available on YouTube or on a specific sports website. I would fully imagine Time Warner Cable and other cable companies are greatly struggling right now because people are thinking about doing something very similar to what I did today. In fact, the representative did his best to offer opportunities for other cable packages but I decline.

Why Having Cable or Satellite is Stupid

In my personal situation it is very stupid to have cable or satellite. I am going to save $120 a month by not having this package. If I want to see a movie or a specific TV show I can pay $3.95 on Amazon or Google play. I am not a consumer that watches that many TV shows so I will probably not be making more than a couple purchases a month. In fact, the representative asked me how many movies I watch every single month and I laughed and explained the last time I watched a movie on my TV was months ago.

I still have a Blu Ray DVD player and I have many friends that have multiple DVDs so it is not going to be a problem to watch movies. In fact, it may actually help build relationships as I will encourage people to come over and bring their DVDs or TV shows on DVD. I have multiple TV shows on DVD which I will finally have the opportunity to watch now that I do not have cable. I have been meaning to watch the Lost series starting with season 1 episode 1 for quite some time but I always have pushed it back because I was watching other TV events.

The only shows that I diligently watch are Archer, Breaking Bad and Bates Motel. Other than these three TV shows I did not watch anything when it comes to sitcoms. I know that I can watch Bates Hotel online and one of my best friends watches Breaking Bad every single Sunday during the summer. I'm not certain how I can find Archer but I will likely be able to find a few friends in the area who watch this on Thursday night. Archer recently ended its fourth season so I don't have to worry about it until January of next year.

What Will Happen?

I'm going to continue to document my journey with no cable or satellite and it will be very interesting. I am not certain how it will go and I may call Time Warner Cable back tomorrow and ask to get it hooked back up. I highly doubt it but it will be interesting to see what happens when the next major golf tournament is on TV. It will also be interesting to see how I react during college football season as I used to watch 10 to 12 hours of college football every single Saturday. I'm not a huge NFL fan but when it comes to college football I can never get enough.  


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