Did Cal Worthington Die ?

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Did Cal Worthington Die ?
This post is more for the SOUTHERN Californian's:

Update August 8, 2013; Cal Worthing has died at the age of 92

Originally posted in 2009

Did Cal Worthington die, and someone forgot to tell him? Seriously? I had not seen any of his Worthington Dodge (or whatever) commercials for a while and I thought he died a long time ago, but tonight I've seen a few (they keep playing it over and over) and it looks like they're propping him up in front of the camera and moving his mouth with strings! Poor old Cal looks like he needs to be in a nursing home..Not selling used cars..

any of the southern california "old timers" probably remember back in the '70's when Cal Worthington would "beat any deal, or I'll eat a bug" ...

/pointless rant



Re: Cal Worthington Dead ?

We have Cal Worthington up North as well. Or at least we did. I haven't seen any of those commercials in awhile.

Almost Evil
Re: Cal Worthington Dead ?

 He cant have died...what about his dog spot? Has he gone to The Farm? And remember his monkey? Loved that one!

*sings* go see Cal go see Cal GOOOOO SEE CAL!!!


"So, Lone Star, now you see that evil will always triumph because good is dumb. "

samantha avila
Re: Cal Worthington Dead ?
I hope cal i still alive he is awesome i had the pleasure of meeting him. he's awesome as for the nursing home bit he is very lively he took me on a dirt bike on his ranch. lol his ranch i gorgeous. lol i actually didnt know who he was when i was introduced to his family. Courtney Worthington was assigned to me as a big sister (the program). the whole family is wonderful i miss them i cant believe i lost touch. i hope he's doing well. oh and i met the monkey at there horse ranch.
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Re: Cal Worthington Dead ?
AKA Calvin Coolidge Worthington Born: 27-Nov-1920 Birthplace: Shidler, OK Gender: Male Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Business Nationality: United States Executive summary: Will eat a bug to make a deal Military service: Army Air Corps (WWII, promoted to Captain) http://www.mydogspot.com/index.htm
Re: Cal Worthington Dead ?

OMG.. I just saw another Cal Worthington TV commercial (they are getting more and more rare) and I swear he still looks and sounds like he died 6 months ago.
I used to love watching his commercials with his dog Spot when I was a kid.. Like 40 years ago.. But now.. It's just sad.. And no more dog Spot!

Did Cal Worthington die?

Well, almost like clockwork, almost a year since my last post about Cal Worthington, and I just saw another of his commercials .. I am pretty sure now that he actually died years ago, and they are just using a wax-figure with a computer-animated mouth..
...sad ....

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