Can my phone steal an IP adress

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Can my phone steal an IP adress

Hi guys.

i have asked this question but can no longer find it.

Can my Samsung S4 steal an IP adress over wifi and subsequently steal all the print jobs? please help



Re: Can my phone steal an IP adress

Not really sure what you mean by "steal an IP address" since that doesn't really have any meaning.. IP addresses change by definition so it would be normal that one person is using IP address XYZ one day/moment, and your phone began to use that IP the next day/another time.
I don't really know what "steal a print job" means either.
If what you think you want to do is capture print-jobs meant for a printer, then yes, that is possible if it's a networked printer. All you need is the right software/apps and the knowledge of what to do - which I doubt you have since you are here asking this question.

Re: Can my phone steal an IP adress

Your other question, with more information, is posted here: can my phone steal a printer IP address?

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