Can you change the geo visitors image or name?

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Can you change the geo visitors image or name?

is there any way to alter this image that geo visitors gives you to put on your page?  i've tried changing the file from png to jpeg & you another image in place of it, but that only worked for a day or so.  Then, where it says "alt=" , i used a dot in place of the "geo visitors name".  That way, when people come to my page, they dont see this ugly visitors sign & they cant see the dot.  so when i go to click on geo visitors, i only have a small dot to click on.  Very simple & hidden right?    HOWEVER.....its not working all of the sudden.  I like being able to change the text when you hover over a picture, because i hate those "hosted by imageshack" or "hosted by whoever" text's, so i always change the "alt" name they give.  I hope this isnt too confusing & you are understanding my question.......;(

below is the code geo gives me: 


<a href=""><img src="" alt="." style="border:0"></a>



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