Caps Lock Locked?

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Linda Grayson
Re: Caps Lock Locked?

Wandering if anyone had same problem I dematerd my del inspiration 1000 laptop I am trying to put the product key in but its typing in capitals anyone else had same problem help needed please thanks

Re: Caps Lock Locked?

Often times (many times) those form-fields are programmed to convert everything to upper-case. You can test that by typing something in any other program, making sure CAPS LOCK is not on (should be all lower case) then immediately switching to the screen/form for the product key input. If it is suddenly only typing in upper-case then they have intentionally programed that form to make it all uppercase.

Re: Caps Lock Locked?

Same thing happened to ME AFTER THE LAST Microsoft UPDATE!! I even tried to uninstall - and it keeps intermittently turn on. I ran my Norton power eraser and even uninstalled the Microsoft update - unfortunately the update RELOADED! HATING Microsoft!


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