Car dies

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Car dies

I have a 08 or Cruiser, and I've experienced a lot of problems with it first it needed a camfshaft sensor. And when I got someone to install a new one it started to ride good. But the horn keeps blaring by itself so it was disconnected. Also there's there frequent problem that started to happen when I drive and when I stop at a light or while driving it dies but the radio lights and the compass lighte and mileage light still stays on. And when I crank it up o at least have to do it more than 1 time to get it to crank. Even when I have a full tank of gas it still does it. Please help.


Re: Car dies

Unless you are at least semi-skilled in working on cars, and I'm guessing by your question that you are not, you will not be able to fix this yourself.. There is no button to click or option to change to fix things like this.
You will need to take your vehicle to a professional mechanic to troubleshoot this problem, then fix it.
Another option would be to buy a new car, which based on your post, you are overdue for..

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