Car dies when it's stopped

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Car dies when it's stopped

ANY IDEAS?????????

My car runs fine while I'm driving, but here lately, (not always, but sometimes) like if I'm stopped at a redlight or going through a drive through, my car will die.

I can turn it right back on and drive away like there's nothing wrong? It only happens when my car is at an idle, but driving wise it's fine no problems. Does

anyone have any ideas what it could be???? I have a 03 ford focus btw.




Re: Car dies when it's stopped

Not that I know much about cars, but is it an automatic?

Re: Car dies when it's stopped

I think I know the answer to this one.

1st Check your battery cables, make sure they are not corroded.
2nd Check your air filter, most important because most tune up places won't change.
3rd Check spark plug caps, make sure they are not corroded.

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Re: Car dies when it's stopped
4th Alternator 5th fuel lines for leaks
Re: Car dies when it's stopped

Fuel pump and/or filter, idle speed needs adjusting, timing adjustment.

Re: Car dies when it's stopped

Thanks for all the help guys..I'm still having the problem though. I have changed my spark plugs and wires. I have changed the fuel and air filters, I took to an auto part store and they put the computer diagnostic thing on my car and it said faulty O2 Sensor, so I replaced that.  But still same problem, took it back to the auto part store again for a diagnostic, and now this time it said it might be a Mass Air flow sensor, well changed that but still same issue. It's starting to get frustrating and expensive. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

Re: Car dies when it's stopped

In the trunk, on left hand side under the liner there is a emergency fuel cut out sWitch for the fuel pump. There is. A red button in it. Depress buton.
Should reset the fuel pump. If problem persists. Have the cut out replaced. If problem still persists. You need a new fuel pump. And possibly new injectors...
You might need to have your injectors checked any way. For an 03 the injectors average about $75 each.
Try having your mechanic ensure the firing order is correct. And that the temp is accurate.

If you need further advice pm me.

I have a lot of tech. Specs for the focus...

fickle jeep

Have a 2008 Jeep Liberty. 80% of the time car will start up fine and ready to go. Other times when you least expect it, engine will not start up or crank. If I wait 10-15 mins. it will then start. Fearful of turning off the engine because I don't know what will happen next.
Jeeps seem to have this type of problem. Last one I had, had to replace computer module.

Re: nissan sentra

My car just died under my feet,I don't know what I should do,The starter makes a click sound,When I give fuel it dies.

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Re: Car dies when it's stopped

I have a question. I have an 02 ford focus. Experienceing around the same problem, but my car only dies when i come to a complete stop. And its only when my air conditioner is on. Could it be my battery? It doesnt do it everytime if i keep on the gas some, if it doesnt die my radio will shut off and come right back on.

Re: Car dies when it's stopped

out of curiosity I am having the same problem but with a 94 honda accord. dies if at a stop but seems fine driving. could it be the same issues and is there a fuel pump reset switch in a honda accord?


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