Car dies when it's stopped

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Lindsey Kelley
Re: Car dies when it's stopped

My 05 ford taurus has also had this problem recently and idles high. Replaced the alternator and the Idle air control valve. The car is still idling high and again has started to die while idling....any info would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Car dies when it's stopped

batterup5000 wrote:
ANY IDEAS?????????
My car runs fine while I'm driving, but here lately, (not always, but sometimes) like if I'm stopped at a redlight or going through a drive through, my car will die.
I can turn it right back on and drive away like there's nothing wrong? It only happens when my car is at an idle, but driving wise it's fine no problems. Does
anyone have any ideas what it could be???? I have a 03 ford focus btw.

I think, there's a battery issue. You should removed both battery cables from the battery, cleaned the terminals on the battery and both connectors then reattached Just give it a try.

Re: Car dies when it's stopped

When I come to a stop at a light my 97 jeep will just shut off. But I have power inside. I have had the cal converter changed. I've had the throttle body cleaned . the spark plugs checked. The engine dosent die Every time. But I do notice that when I step on the gas sometimes the engine will flutter. Oh and I've had the fuel pressure checked out.
The jeep starts back up Every time. And it also dies when going thru the drive thru. The mechanic is clueless. Could it be the alternator? I do notice that my amp and sub will just shut off. But if I turn the stero off and back on they turn back on. I need some help because I'm about to drive this jeep into a rock wall. Lol

Mrs Julie lawso...
Re: Car dies when it's stopped

Hi can any one help my husband car 2005 Renault megan scenic start fine but when he wait at lights it cuts of jumps bit when starts car again work fine good few hrs but driving long engine shut of still slow moving please it just new clutch fitted been like it

Jennifer mcc
Re: Car dies when it's stopped

I am having the same problem car drives smooth and as long as the car is still moving it won't die (automatic) but as soon as it stops the idle goes under 1 by half way and then starts to idle up and down then does but starts right back up. I have a 91 toyota camry 6 cylinder and ideas

Re: Car dies when it's stopped

Hi I have a 2005 vw Jetta and recently my car has been doing the same thing. But while I'm driving it sometimes I'll be pressing on the gas and it just won't go and then it will sound like it catches but jolts the car. Now it's starting to die completely as well when I'm idle or at a stop and start going. It just randomly died while I was driving too. My mechanic just changed the relays and did and oil change but didn't even mention a fuel pump could be the problem ? Does anyone know? Please help /: also it started doing it worse when I gassed up at a new gas station I've never been to.

Anonymous Visitor
Re: Car dies when it's stopped

It could be anything but if it started or got worse immediately after gassing up somewhere new, it could be bad gas.. Run out that tank and start putting in more and more gas from your normal place and see if that helps.

Re: Car dies when it's stopped

I have a question. I have an 03 ford focus. my car only dies when i come to a complete stop.

Re: Car dies when it's stopped

If you have low fuel pressure that car will run the same no matter whether you're going fast or stopped. If you have an air or vacuum leak here is what happens.
As fresh air passes the mass airflow sensor (inside air cleaner box) it tells the computer how much air is there so it can adjust it's air/fuel mixture by telling the fuel injectors how long to stay open for best fuel economy. ANY AIR entering the system after the mass airflow sensor is bad news. When it comes out the exhaust the O2 sensor picks up this extra oxygen and tells the computer that the system is running to lean (more air than gas). To make up for this, the computer readjusts the fuel injectors to stay open longer (More fuel).
So what can happen is when you're driving at higher speeds and you have to come to a stop or slow down fast, the computer change isn't fast enough and the vehicle basically starts to run erratic or even stall out(too much fuel now) If you have an air leak that is bad enough it will even cause your vehicle to stall while idling(momentarily floods out) Any place air can get into the motor besides the air cleaner box should be checked. Intake manifold gaskets (upper and lower) vacuum lines (check for cracks and tight fits) a loose-fitting vacuum line can suck air. Most sensors and actuators can leak vacuum if they go bad so check everything. Just for the record" a vacuum leak doesn't​ mean it's leaking air, it means it's sucking air in that's not needed and you will never get your vehicle to run right if this is going on. One thing to remember, if no codes show up on the computer then start your search with something that's not controlled by the computer ( by that I mean anything without wires).
Wish you luck

William G. Carlyle
Re: Car dies when it's stopped

My car, a NISSAN 'Altima' 1999, stalls occasionally and, when it does, ALL electrical systems die as well. A minute or two later I switch ignition on again and EVERYTHING returns to normal until the next indeterminate time. Now and again, but NOT always, when I switch on Air Conditioner, that will caus the engine to stall. Apparently, according to Auto Parts Dealership test the battery and alternator are O.K. THANK YOU


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